Mindex interview and mix

Mindex has recently released the Integrity album on Loodma so we caught up. Mix at end.

DB: I feel there’s positivity in this album but over to you…
M: For me its more thoughtful, pensive. Glad that you found some positivity there. This year was saturated with different adventures, but what can we do? Stay positive and go on making art and music is the best we can do.

DB: Tell me about the collaborations re the vocalists, how did it come about? What are some stories?
M: It was a pure pleasure. Very interesting, because we all have our own energy and approach. But both of the vocalists are real professionals, so the process was very easy. ‘Sleepy’ was recorded in one session. ‘One Day in Cocoon’ has a little story behind. It was separated in 2 sessions with four months between them, but the break gave a good result. I traveled and absorbed fresh ideas from all around.

It was a pleasure to work with Tetsuro Konishi as well, the trumpetist. It is my first experience of a remote collaboration.

_MG_9636 small-1

DB: Are you the same producer as last year or have you changed in some way?
M: I’m going deeper and deeper to sound-design and harmonies. More experiments. I am quite steady in my approach. All the other things – sound, technique, equipment… can change.

DB: Tell us about the mix and what went into it?
M: This is a studio mix. I used some of my favourite sound-design tricks to blend the tracks together.

All tunes are from the new album. Even the track order is the same. It’s kind of a teaser.


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