Mind Vortex interview

As ‘Alive/Arc’ drops on Ram I caught up with Mind Vortex and asked them what was the spark in D&B that caught them…

MV: We suppose the our love affair with drum and bass began when our friends used to play us tape packs on their Walkmans at school, and the more we looked into this sound, the more we were hooked.

The diverse musicality and the sonic soundscapes sounded like they were from another planet to us, and there wasn’t anything else in the world we’d rather do than study feverishly to understand some of the secrets of this genre.

DB: How did you become part of the Ram fam?

MV: Well we’d made a few tracks and made some we were really confident of, so we put together a wishlist of labels we’d dream to release music on, of course Ram was top of the list. Fortunately we didn’t have to contact anyone else as we got a call from Red one saying they loved our tunes, Andy had cut it to dub and was playing it out that weekend.

We were stunned to say the least. After a few more chats and tunes, Andy and Scott invited us down for a meeting to discuss a signing.

DB: When do the ideas come? I mean it’s so instinctive, the way you work and what you deliver. Do you have a mode of operation, some way to get ideas down quick?

MV: The ideas come anytime day or night, so its good to capture them there and then, but in general were most creative when were just messing about, literally not taking it seriously and we end up coming up with our most original ideas that way.

DB: Your sound is so ‘big’… do you necessarily love playing big spots? What about more intimate ones?

MV: Each place is different, we love playing to large crowds but also really enjoy the small clubs, there are so many amazing nights we’ve played at, too many to name. Fabric is always off the hook, the crowd and the sound system is banging, abroad, the Dutch really seem to always have an amazing attention to sound quality, and the Portuguese really know how to party.

DB: Just to throw this at you: a DJ once told a story where none of his records arrived in the country he went to play so had to improvise. What would you do if there was a problem with your preferred method of DJing? Is there a ‘plan b’?

MV: We can pretty much mix on any setup, but we prefer to use USBs with the Pioneer cdj2000’s. They are linked via Ethernet so only need one stick, and we usually carry backup CDs with the tunes on as well just in case, but there was a close one once.

We arrived at a venue to see four lovely 2000s, and just before we played we noticed there was no link cable in the decks, we’d forgotten a spare cable, spare USBs and back up discs. That left us with 2 minutes until our set to frantically try to burn tracks to cd from the promoter’s laptop for the second deck, and after running 2 or 3 minutes late, the sound technician ran back stage and handed us a link cable he miraculously found in the depths of the club. Four decks on and all our tunes… and off we went, and it was wicked, but a very close call.

Words about 2013 from Ram

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