Metalheadz: 2012

Maybe it was that legendary night down at Cable late last year where Headz took over, the aftershocks abounding for some weeks after. Or maybe it’s just something in the water/energy continuum but either way Headz has a lot planned for 2012.

There was this from NFM, dropping rather nonchalantly recently…

Commix has recently posted links, evidence of a deep trawling through personal vaults. Gotta say: hearing ‘Be True’ again through a big BIG club rig recently was totally life-affirming.

There’s new activity from the Lenzman, who recently graced Fabio’s show (if you missed is worth finding if you know where to look… )

Break as we know has not stopped/cannot stop and there’s a linkup with Mikal… out at end of month.

… and then then then then there’s Jubei. Working hard on an album with a mixture of known and unknown collaborators, this album of his will be pure, roots D&B. Or, as a Headz person basically put it ‘He’ll do what he wants to do’.

Along with a certain live delivery of timelessness (understatement alert) from a certain Head of Headz along with ‘We Are The Core’, talk of limited gold platters to mark an occasion and explosions in the sky (no doubt), 2012 will at least go out with some form of justifiable bang.

On the topic one last random moment to sum up:

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  • Krissydiez

    Check out the single thats taking over the UK as we speak!  “Dirty Style” by Dacav5 — Wideboys Mix

  • omg what is that? Goldie’s going to do Timeless live!? one off extravaganza or something?

    • damian___b

      seems to be… I was at the Hockley Flyover show too and the live thing is fucking great, essential, should be everywhere