Mendoza ‘Houdini’ interview


I spoke to Mendoza as the ‘Houdini’ remixes drop: by Steve Lawler, By S-Man.

DB: Hi pleased to meet you. Tell us about something you recently saw that was amazing.

S: Hello, lovely to meet you too. Last night I watched the ‘Behind The Music’ with Motörhead. Okay, maybe it wasn’t amazing, but it was pretty cool and weird. Amazing would maybe be more like Die Antwoord on Roskilde Festival. What a night!

DB: What tune is in your head right now? Any tune, any era.

S: ‘Bomber’, Motörhead, because of the documentary.

DB: Can you take us through these remixes?

S: I love them both, maybe the S-man one is my fave. The best thing about remixes is that you get to hear other brilliant minds take on your song and how it could sound. You get to hear genres you maybe usually wouldn’t do.

The S-man has more of my vocal on it, so it’s perhaps more interesting for me to hear that one. But Steve Lawlers style is just the way he rolls and I respect that.

It has a certain coolness to it hehe. I’m very happy that both of them remixed it and Houdini now exists in those versions.

DB: Have you had a hectic summer so far?

S: I haven’t prioritized touring this summer, because I wanted to focus on the new music ahead. The few I’ve played was amazeballs though. I’m getting ready to release my first single in the UK, so I’m feeling a little calm before the storm.

DB: If you could go anywhere then where would it be?

S: Right now, it would be Thailand. I’ve fantasized about that for a long time. I went there as a kid and I feel really nostalgic every time I see something that might remind me of that. I miss it.

DB: And what’s a great show you’ve played?

S: All my shows are great ha ha… No, but really I love all types of shows. They challenge me in different ways, and I want to be great every time. If there are 50 people I’ll make it intimate and I’ll focus on my voice, I’ll pretend it’s a private party for all my friends. And If there are 30,000 people it’s a chaos and I let faith and impulse decide what’s going to happen.

There’s usually a lot of moving and involving the people in the crowd.

Roskilde Festival both this year and last year are my favourite.

DB: Who inspires you?

S: Marilyn Manson will always be my greatest source of inspiration when it comes to personal values and philosophy. I love his view on the world and his different personas. People who’ve done something very extreme with a lot of resistence.

DB: What’s something that you’d rescue from your house if you had to leave quickly due to impending destruction?

S: Besides my daughter? Something materialistic? Hmm. I actually don’t know. Even though I’m very much addicted to my computer and phone for work purpose, I’m not really attached to them. I’m very much into new starts and beginnings with a clean sheet. I find it healthy.

DB: OK thanks… any shouts?

S: My producer GlobalKirk who’s helped me get into music and taught me what I needed to get to where I am. My manager Peter Munck who’s been with me since before we knew what I was capable of and had infinite patience with me. Roger Sanchez and Steve Lawler for taking the time to make some great remixes.

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