MC Spyda interview

arachnophilia final

I caught up with the legendary MC Spyda about the Arachnophilia ep and work with Task Horizon.

DB: When did this ep come together? It sounds like it was a fun project to bring together, the energy comes across.

S: Well it all started when Tony Martinez asked me to work on a project with Task Horizon, around 2010-2011 if my mind serves me well.

After a few calls and e-mails, Tony arranged a booking for me at one of his events and also to go into the studio the following day to record some vocals.

: With this material, what comes first: the beats, the rhymes, or is it something that evolves over time?

S: Task Horizon had a few finished tracks, and some that required more work but it was a mixture of both really, beats and rhymes. In other sessions, myself, Bruse Lee, Tim & Task Horizon all worked together in order to create ideas.

DB: I always feel that you are travelling widely as part of what you do so what are places you love to play? And why?

S: Germany, Russia, Prague, Bologna Italy, Montpellier France, and Paris because the vibes are great and the people love to go all out until the early hours. Switzerland is another great place for me, always welcoming me with open arms and getting involved with the music, a really supportive crowd.

In the UK Birmingham is king over the last few years, however I have to pay my respects to Northampton, Bristol, London, Worcester, Preston & Nottingham to name just a few, as the music scene is really healthy at the moment.

DB: Can you name three amazing sets from history?

S: Old Hysteria Events.

Global Gathering: DJ Brockie, 29th July 2005.

RawHill Crew On Tour: Switzerland, Daddy Freddy, Spyda & Navigator

I know you said three but I’d also add Pendulum at Nottingham Trent Arena.

DB: How have you/do you see D&B evolving? And the role of the MC as time goes along?

S: D&B is always evolving, reaching the mainstream whilst still staying firmly underground and creating new genres. Today, I think D&B is the same beast but a more polished one in terms of production and as for the MCs.

The MC has evolved just like the music however & a host MC is still a requirement in D&B because it was and still is all about the music.

DB: Give me some dates and shouts here sir, please.

S: October 25th/Ice Bar Nottingham- BassLayerz
November 9th/Birmingham Raveology- Mc $pyda
November 9th/Leicester Bass Militants BassLayerz
November 30th/Stourbridge (Clipz Birthday Bash)- BassLayerz
December 12th/Preston TBC- BassLayerz, December 26th – London BPM- BassLayerz
December 26th/London Contagious HQ- Mc $pyda
December 31st/Birmingham Raveology Meet Low Down Deep: SDC SET & BASSLAYERZ SET

Big Shout Out to all The Real Ravers, Tony Martinez, Task Horizon, Tim & Bruse Lee, Aquasky, Billy Bunter & Uncle Dugs, Funtcase, AutoBots, Dub Hooligan, Kriti_Cal Productions, Rawhill Crew, Slipz & Blu Bomma: BassLayerz MAN!

Also REDNEK, Sly, Jam, Wesley Snipes, Marlon Stevie Gee, FULL SDC, DJ Fresh, Ryan & Bassey, Brandon & Charlie.
If I forgot about you big ups to you and yours. Full joy, More life, More Glory, Music is a way of Life. Peace. Mc Spyda

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