Maldini ‘Spin/Synesthesia’ interview and mix

I caught up with BC’s Maldini and asked about the new tunes on Nemesis and also about his recent history. There’s a mix at the end.

M: I’ve never really stopped tinkering in the studio but that’s all was: just dorking about and not releasing. I moved from London to Bristol a few years ago and being in new surroundings and around new people pretty much was the kick up the arse I needed. I recently sorted out a proper space for my minimal studio setup which has made things a lot easier and there’s so much great music around that it’s re inspiring me to get more involved.

DB: Re the new music about, what sort of things do you check?

M: Recently I’ve checking out the Dutty Audio podcast…

… and also the Critical Music podcast with Mefjus. Both are pretty sick.

DB: Do you still you still use your traditional recording methods? obviously with a little tweak here and there? After all if it ain’t broke!

M: My production is completely in the box nowadays. It’s been a hard transition over the years going from analogue to digital but now I’m getting more comfortable with it. Nice to be able work on multiple projects etc too.

DB: What’s next up for you?

M: Next thing to be released is a track I did for BTK forthcoming on Dutty Audio and also a couple of remixes.

DB: Where can we find you playing out?

M: Next couple of months I’m in all over the place: Canada, Germany, Holland, Belgum, Portugal to name a few. People should check my page for updates.

MALDINI ‘Spin/Synesthesia’ out October 31 on Nemesis


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