Magnetic Man – Dubsteppin’ outta Babylon!


For those not in the know Magnetic Man are the “live” project from arguably the best producers in the Dubstep scene; Benga, Skream and (their mate) Artwork (one on drum programming, one on bass programming and one on samples – all done through luuurvely Macbooks).

They’ve been doin’ this shizzle since 2007 but have only in the last few weeks relented to fevered demand and blessed the faithful with their very first release (not counting several appearance on compilations) ‘The Cyberman EP’ on limited white label – this sold out in the blink of an eye but an official release is just around the corner


One of my favourite tunes (not featured on the EP unfortunately) is ‘Is Everything Cool?’ – Check it:

Also check out this live clip to see the wicked minimalistic visuals that serve to blow your mash-up mind whilst deep in the dance! 😀 (I know they did when I saw them headline the G Stage at Glastonbury ’08)

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