Lynx ‘Silver Glide/Bug Out’ interview

I caught up briefly with Lynx to talk about certain new activity…

DB: ‘Silver Glide’ is a beautiful tune sir, how’d it come about?

L: Thanks! It was written a couple of years ago now with fellow producer Hellrazor. He actually came to me with the riff and I really liked it so we collaborated on the track.

DB: With ‘Silver Glide’ I am reminded of film work: would you ever want to do music for film?

L: I definitely would enjoy writing music for films, or have my existing works used in films. You have to have the right publisher to get your music into the right hands. Maybe one day

DB: What’s a film that comes to mind that you like and relate to?

L: ‘Lost In Translation’ is an awesome film that shows the other side to travelling.

DB: And the flex on ‘Bug Out’ is obscene…

L: I started the backing track sometime ago and been playing it out in sets for a while. Then I did a gig with Dr Syntax and Bobby Edmond in Wales and we thought his would be a cool tune for them to write to. After that point it all happened pretty quickly.

DB: Bop is a reclusive man I feel so how did the remix come about?

L: It was a remix swap. I did a remix for his previous album on medschool an he remixes silver glide.

DB: Who in music are you being knocked out by right now?

L: James Blake. Jai Paul. These have been the standout musicians for me in the last year or so. It’s really about the feeling they convey in their music.

DB: Where can we hear you playing out soon man? Live dates?

L: Fabric 31st may room 3!


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