Liz-E interview

Liz-E has delivered this amazing slice of pure D&B below, as any regular listener of Friction’s show would know… so we caught up.

DB: Hi, could you tell us about the tune?

L: I wanted to try something different to the style I was originally producing because I like to try and step a little out of my comfort zone and experiment. I enjoy writing music about things that have happened or a feeling, I draw inspiration from events that have happened in my life and try to translate it into my music. That’s actually how I got started making drum and bass.

DB: Where are the happiest: behind the decks or on the dancefloor?

L: Both really, on the dancefloor you can catch a vibe and feel the music but then behind the decks you get to know what works and see people dancing to your new music which is something in itself.

DB: So speaking about the decks, what sort of stuff finds its way into the sets?

L: I will always have Hazard, Tyke and Jaydan tunes and anything I like at the time, I’m partial to current dancefloor tracks. I think the new names to watch out for in my opinion would be Annix (Decimal Bass and Konichi) and also Cabin Fever in 2013.

DB: What sort of nights do you hit? Any particular vibe you’re partial to?

L: I actually go to a lot of different nights around the country, but there is one night that stands out in Belgium that I absolutely loved and that was stealth bombers in Antwerp… what a party!

DB: So what’s the thing that lead you to D&B, what was the spark?

L: I have been into D&B for a very long time, In fact since I left school I was going to the sanctuary in Milton Keynes underage – naughty – and from there on it`s all I’ve been into. The rest is still unfolding.

DB: Name some particular faves, could be 5 killer D&B tunes. Any era.

Omni Trio ‘Thru The Vibe’
dBridge & Vegas ‘True Romance’
Mampi Swift ‘The One’
Raiden ‘Fallin’
Logistics ‘The Trip’

DB: You mentioned 2013, what plans?

L: Further plans for 2013 following my first single on SGN:LTD will be my forthcoming 4 track EP on Smoking Riddims titled The Torture EP and that should be available late February. Beyond that I’ve got more tracks I’m currently working on… my plan is to just continue to work hard in the studio and release more music.

‘The Last Time’ is out 4th Feb on SGN:LTD

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