Le Youth ‘COOL’ interview

They say LA producer and DJ Le Youth is a producer with no past whose music is steeped in it. As ‘COOL’ drops we caught up.

DB: Visual art is a big factor with you. What are things that you love, aesthetically?

LY: I have always seen a vital link between the visual and the auditory. Certain songs evoke certain imagery so strongly, and vice versa. Sometimes I get inspired by driving down Sunset Strip in LA and seeing all the fashion billboards. I realize that sounds clich√©, but I’ve always been drawn to provocative fashion ads. Aesthetically, I love strong lines, simplicity and black & white.

DB: Is it a case that you now make the music you wanted to hear when you went out yourself?

LY: I just make music that satisfies me creatively. I don’t take the “dj making music they can dj” approach. In fact, a lot of my stuff I actually have trouble fitting into my sets.

DB: You are busy, so when do you get the chance to produce music?

LY: Making music is all I think about, so I just make time for it no matter how busy my schedule is on any given week.

: Where’s a good place to play?

LY: A couple weeks ago at Fortune Club in Vancouver really surprised me. It was the most fun show I’ve played to date.

DB: Do you aim to release physical albums? I guess am asking what formats you want your music to be realised on.

LY: I would like to release a vinyl record in the future. I think having something physical is a great feeling for an artist and something everyone should have the chance to experience once in their lives. A short run of vinyl records would be cool.

DB: Could you name 3 tracks that have infused your soul over time? any genre any age.

LY: Fabolous ft. Tamia ‘So Into You’. I can’t explain this. It’s just so good.
Ciara ‘Deuces’. When I heard this, I was blown away. I don’t think it was ever even officially released. I had it in my head for so long. It drives me crazy. I have to skip it when it comes on now or I’ll be singing it for days.
KB ‘Feelin U (Yoruba Soul Mix)’. I heard this when I was in some store in LA, took me a whole day to find who it was. Just a great track. So much soul.


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