‘Le Vent Nous Portera’ + Philippe Zarif interview

I spoke to Philippe Zarif.

DB: You’re Syrian but based in Istanbul?

PZ: Well, Istanbul is great first of all because of the music. In some areas there are so many musicians, and these musicians are so diverse, the different musics blend into one another. As if they were mixing a set or something.

Istanbul is as if the East and West collided; it is the only city I’ve seen where east and west sit together comfortably. You see a woman in mini shorts sitting next to a woman veiled from top to bottom.

DB: What music do you like?

PZ: Personally, I don’t have a favorite music. I go through phases, from hip-hop to arabic music to classical to house to glitch, old French music my mom used to listen

DB: Tell us about this tune?

PZ: The original song in my track is by Noir Desir, it’s called “le vent nous portera” (the wind will carry us).

Noir Desir came to aleppo and sang this song something like 15 years ago and it was the first concert I went to. I used a cover of the song from a girl called Sophie Hunger.

If you listen to my other tracks posted you see that I have done many styles of music, blending Kurdish sometimes, Arabic sometimes.

I’m still defining my style. I have some hip hop too.

DB: What ten words sum up humanity?

PZ: Fragile, warm, hectic, amazing, restless, violent, childish, naive, fun, unstable.

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