Lady V ‘Bang Deeper’ interview

Lady V of This is D&B and 1xtra notoriety has recently embarked on a new mode of presenting music, namely on BANG Deeper, the latest episode appearing below. We caught up for a chinwag.

DB: Lady V what was the inspiration behind this venture?

V: The last couple of years have been all about my public love affair with D&B and I was really lucky to kick off my career writing and talking about the music I’m so passionate about, but I don’t just listen to D&B – I love all styles and always have! Since leaving 1Xtra last year, I took time out to work out my next step and missing radio, I had to get back on the airwaves, have returned to BANG Radio where I first started broadcasting a few years back. Now, I host BANG Deeper, showcasing the deeper side of the urban and electronic sounds which play during daytime.

It’s a brilliant excuse to share what I’m listening to!

DB: What sort of stuff will be drawn?

V: It’s a mixed-genre show and covers a variety of styles from trap to D&B to techno and there’s no focus on what’s ‘hot’, or what’s ‘fresh’, or what the powers that be are pushing. I was inspired by some of my favourite DJs and presenters and decided to just play what I’m feeling, and whether that’s new to someone or not, or whether it’s cool or not, BANG Deeper is about a vibe. Simply: good music!

DB: What sort of things in general you feeling?

V: I seem to have music playing wherever I go from traveling around London, to having the radio on at work, and even listening to mixes at the gym and so I listen to a variety of genres to fit what I’m doing… and being a music geek, these can be quite bizarre too! To sum up what I listen to though, it has to have soul and trust me, all styles of music can have soul. At the moment, I’ve become a bit obsessed with scouring the internet for trap/house bootlegs of R&B classics, there are some excellent remixes out there! D&B wise I’ve been going back to liquid and jump up cuts from around 5-10 years ago, the gooood stuff!

DB: You are social, so what sort of spots do you hit?

V: I like to dance, so I’d always choose a rave over a bar or pub. I can have a chat and drink in my living room, but funnily enough, never had the likes of Andy C or Benji B play round mine!

Recently, I’ve been going to a few house and garage nights, purely because I love the natural feel good vibe that these kind of dances manage to create naturally. I also like to hear a mix of music when I’m out so more likely to choose to have a dance where DJs like Gilles Peterson or Oneman’s playing, rather than an all hip-hop or all D&B night. Thankfully, living in London, there’s always so much to do – musically, we are very spoilt for choice!

DB: It leads to me asking what you would urge people to check?

V: Ooh, maybe not a specific vibe, but I’d definitely urge people to open their ears and not restrict themselves to one genre – it’s boring!

Particularly after leaving the D&B show on 1Xtra and slowing things down on my site, a few people got in touch asking why I was ‘leaving’ D&B and funnily enough, when I saw listeners/D&B heads out at non-D&B events, they’d be like ‘er, why are you here? I thought you only do D&B?!’ Well I don’t and I wholly believe, as with everything, variety is the spice of life!

Jump on Soudcloud or Youtube and get exploring….oh, and also make sure you catch BANG Deeper, every Thursday morning 3-5am on!

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