Label Profile: Nu Venture Records

Nu Venture Records are an exciting new record label with a focus on all things Drum related. I caught up with them to find out more..

Joanna Louise Ranson: Please introduce yourself.

Hi my name is Chris Wilde and I will be administering this interview on behalf of Nu Venture Records. We are a new Drum & Bass and Dubstep label based in the South East of England, formed after hearing a fresh wave of high quality Drum & Bass / Dubstep producers. Upon finding all this hidden talent we aim to sign and promote new and upcoming artists to make their work more readily accessible and gain the recognition they deserve. Which all kicked off with the release of NVR001: Macca – Love Is Tender / Hosta Remix on the 26th of January and is now available to buy from all good download stores including Beatport, I-tunes, TrackItDown, Juno, Amazon and hundreds more.


JLR: How would you describe the ethos of the label?

Here at Nu Venture Records we love a decent beat whether it’s Drum & Bass, Dubstep, 2 Step or Future Garage. Our ethos is purely Bass music that mainly tends to be very Drum focused, from here a track can adopt any style whether it be Chilled, Deep, Dark, Heavy, Minimal or even Dirty. Providing a track fits this criteria and has the right vibe we are willing to listen to and consider any track. We’re looking to get the right blend for the roster at Nu Venture, with a variety of New, Upcoming and Established artists, covering all the styles previously mentioned, hopefully providing something for everyone.


JLR: Who makes up the label team? What do each of you do in order to run Nu Venture successfully?

I (Chris), as the label founder and owner, look after the day to day running of Nu Venture Records, consisting of A+R, Accounting, Promotion and a small amount of artwork. Richard is our main graphic designer, doing all the work I am incapable of doing, as unlike him I don’t have a degree in Graphic Design. He was responsible for creating our logo and doing all the artwork for the release of NVR001: Macca – Love Is Tender / Hosta Remix. We did commission the artwork for NVR002: Three20 – I Can’t Stand It EP to Joe Baggley at Matching Opposites and were very pleased with the end result, thanks Joe. Gideon offers essential marketing, press and promotional work with his broad contact list, including K MagThisIsDrumAndBass,, liquiddnb, future-thinkin, coremagonline, futureintalekt and many more. Plus his extensive promotion across social media sites, forums and blogs. We have also received some great support behind the scenes from some very close friends of mine that help find new talent and give vital feedback on new tracks.


JLR: Which kind of music are you releasing? Do you intend on varying the genres or keeping to a particular style?

We are predominately a Drum & Bass and Dubstep Label, but taking us away from DnB & DubStep we have a Future Garage track coming from a well known artist, keep an eye out for that one, it should be expected this Summer / Autumn. We have also featured a 2 Step Remix of Jonny Jack’s Wide Open by Macca & ParaDigm as a free to Download and this is a genre we will be looking to diversify into in the near future, alongside Future Garage. Whilst we may be contemplating expanding into different genres we will never forget our Drum & Bass / DubStep roots.


JLR: What are the best and worst things about running Nu Venture Records?

 There are lots of pros to running a Record Label, first of all you get to provide people with quality music that is there for all to enjoy. If people enjoy our music then we know we are doing a good job, making all our hard work and dedication worthwhile. Plus this can all be achieved whilst helping to launch a producing career for up and coming artists. 2012 is shaping up to be a massive year for both Drum & Bass and Dubstep and to help increase awareness we will continue to promote the industry to an audience that may have previously been unaware as to what they are missing out on. Other pros include; the amount of high quality unheard new music you get to hear on a day to day basis is unreal, so many good tracks but unfortunately we can’t release or feature them all. You also get to meet a lot of new extremely nice and supportive people, from artists, fans, designers to promoters.

There aren’t many downsides to running a record label but the ones that I can think of are: it is very time consuming and involves a lot of long days and hard work. Despite this it is all made worthwhile to hear and read all the positive feedback we receive. One issue we came across with the original Dubstep mix of Macca – Love Is Tender, was misinformed DubStep fans who immediately dismissed the track as not being DubStep, simply because it doesn’t meet there expectations of stereotypical dirty Dubstep with a heavy drop. They need to be re-educated about the definition and origin of Dubstep and hopefully with more chilled Dubstep releases from NVR in the future we can achieve this.


JLR: What tips would you offer to someone who is thinking of setting up a new label?

We would always encourage people to start their own label if it is something they believe in, but only if your fully committed to the cause, as you’re not only representing the label  but the artists as well. A bad reputation can ruin you before you have even begun. Running a label does however require a lot of hard work, time, patience and lots of research, but at the end of the day as long as you are pushing good music and it is promoted well, then you should be successful.


JLR: Macca’s Love is Tender is your latest release. Tell us some more about it.

After a series of successful free downloads we officially launched the label with the release of NVR001: Macca – Love Is Tender / Hosta Remix, on the 26th January. The Original Mix is a very Powerful, Chilled Vocal Dubstep track and the Hosta Remix is Liquid Drum & Bass, where Hosta applies his trademark style whilst maintaining the full sentiment of the original version and has gained massive support from Komatic, The BassDrive Crew, Different Drumz Crew, Origin FM and more.

JLR: What’s your next release going to be?

We are now onto our second release NVR002: Three20 – I Can’t Stand It EP. This is a 4 track feel good Liquid Drum & Bass EP, which is out on the 20th of February. Three20 have already featured on Nu Venture Records in 2011 with their hugely successful free to download tracks, Nice Outside and Breakaway. They also have current and forthcoming releases on Liquid Brilliants, Totaal Rez, The Factory Recordings, Urban Chemistry, plus a free forthcoming EP, so it is now their chance to join the elite roster at Nu Venture Records.

The I Can’t Stand It EP showcases Three20’s range of different styles and emotions. To start it all off the title track I Can’t Stand It provides a powerful snare alongside some intense bass and echoing vocals that is sure to inspire any dance floor. The experience doesn’t end there with the beautiful summer vibes and blissful vocals of Lottie’s My Sunshine. Next up is Can’t fight The Feeling, which combines the feel good factor with some smooth vocals and stunning piano melodies. The EP is then finished off to great effect with Free Your Mind delivering euphoric uplifting emotions which is all that is needed to complete this dynamic EP.


JLR: What other artists have you got lined up for releases?

 Releases up until NVR004 have been confirmed but we have a number of other artists lined up to join the roster at Nu Venture Records after the release of NVR004, including an EP from Macca, after the success of NVR001 we absolutely had to get Macca back for another release on NVR, hopefully the same for Hosta, whether this will be original material or another remix is to be confirmed.

We plan to do a Remix EP, which will comprise of some well known names remixing the most popular NVR tracks. There may well be a Remix competition for this EP, giving unknown artists a chance to get their remix a full commercial release on NVR. Amphix EP, a mixture of Drum & Bass and Dubstep on this EP. We also have Ramases B, Talon, Eye Depth, ParaDigm, Bryzone, Credit. Plus some artists that will appeal to an audience with a darker, heavier taste in DnB / Dubstep: LoHi Stero (including a track supported by Logistics), Presents, Salaryman, Jam Thieves and many more, but I’m afraid the rest is a tightly guarded secret.


JLR: How do you plan to expand/develop the label?

Apart from diversifying into other genres and a Remix competition we plan to develop the label by commencing regular Drum & Bass and Dubstep label nights, providing an experience for all to enjoy whilst playing the sounds that define Nu Venture Records. The label nights are proposed to be launched later this year with collaborations alongside Discus Records and deep:expressions (Clarity, ParaDigm & Comfort – the latter 2 of the 3 with forthcoming tracks on NVR).

Soon we will be producing Nu Venture merchandise, beginning with t-shirts and eventually expanding the range of items, designs and colours later in the year. It will also soon be time for us to launch a long overdue Nu Venture website. Here you will be able to find all the latest release and event information, access Free Downloads, Podcasts and mixes as well as being able to buy downloads and merchandise from the NVR shop. In addition to this we hope to do a live show on FM or Online radio, and having already had an offer for an NVR takeover from Soul Culture for his Liquid show on Origin FM, this is definitely something to watch out for. Physical releases are something that have interested us from the start and we will be aiming to do regular vinyl releases and the occasional CD release when the time is right.

We also want to keep in touch with our audience and fans and plan to do so in the form of Regular Podcasts, which will be the best and first source of hearing forthcoming Nu Venture Dubs, imminent releases and a reminder of already released tracks. In conjunction with the regular Podcast we want to begin a series of Demo Casts to help promote the abundance of quality artists, that consistently send through a constant supply of demos, that we unfortunately cannot feature on the label.


JLR: If people wanted to send you demos, how would they contact you? < is our email and AIM address so you can contact us via either of these methods. Please put Demo as the subject for all demos being sent over via email. Alternatively you can send us a track via our SoundCloud drop box, which is also accessible through our Facebook page:

JLR: Anything else you’d like to mention?

We would also like to say a big thank you to a number of people who have given us some massive support since the beginning. Shout out to Dan at Vital FM, Gideon for your endless PR, The BassDrive Crew (Komatic, DFunk, Cell, Amnesty, Soul Science), Matthias at Liquid Musick, Richard & Joe for your quality artwork, Liquid Drum & Bass / Liquid Drum and Bass Facebook pages, all the guest DJs, Youtube promoters and all the NVR artists. Plus all our friends and family who have put up with the same songs on repeat for a long time now, without all your support we would not be where we are today.  Sorry if we failed to mention you but there was simply too many people to name, but your support if fully appreciated.

You can find Nu Venture Records on the following websites: Please View, Follow, Like, Subscribe etc…!/nuventurerecord


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