L 33 interview

I caught up with L 33 and spoke about ‘Bring Down’ on Addictive Behaviour. The release also features Detail.

DB: I love the mood in this, what does the title refer to?

L 33: Thank you. Overall the title is based on the vocal in the track. Pretty simple, isn’t it! When I started the track I wanted to make something fresh and rolling, not a big dancefloor banger but something you could easily enjoy even you if hear in at home .

DB: I feel like there is a bottomless pit of pure L 33 inspiration in terms of how you work and what you want to deliver, is that the case?

L 33: There’s always a big batch, if you don’t have big batch in your pocket… that’s not good! There’s lots of forthcoming stuff on labels such as Eatbrain, ProgRAM and more Addictive Behaviour stuff, of course!

l 33 pic

DB: I get stung by the vibe of you in the mix: is live work/DJing the crux of it all for you?

L 33: At the moment everything around me is music and by the time you do realize that your hobby could easily do the thing as your Job.

DB: Tell me about where you work: what’s your studio like & what fuels you?

L33: Pretty basic setup here: Macbook and a pair of M-Audios, some AKG headphones for the details and some good acoustic treatment. I usually do work when I feel like I could go to the studio and do something good, if the vibe isn’t inside you it just won’t happen.

DB: Can you give me a list of stuff that is inspiring you right now?

L 33: I do really feel the latest stuff by Maztek, Joe ford, State of Mind and of course Phace and Misanthrop

DB: What’s an update on the scene in Bulgaria? Always inspiring music from there such as Cooh and of course Balkansky.

L 33: To be honest it’s pretty big, mainly in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Some really big events/festivals happening all the time here.

Bulgaria is pretty strong party destination in my opinion. Balkansky is a great project by my big friend Ivan Shopov. Mixed with modern electronic vibes it becomes a really interesting thing. As for the clubs, some of the resident ones for big parties are 4KM, ‘Yalta’, Mixtape 5′.

DB: How would you sum up D&B in a statement?

L 33: “Drum and Bass because everything else is just a music”

DB: What’s coming up… and do you have shouts?

L 33: Some really exciting next level releases, gigs abroad, new tunes and many many things… shouts to the extremely professional crew behind Addictive Behaviour!

L 33

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