KW ‘Water Nymph’ interview

I was proud to catch up with vocalist KW about her new Water Nypmh ep and her ongoing work in general.

DB: Who do you work with?

KW: It’s mainly me KW and I’m joined by a group of fellow London-based writers and musicians: Adam Blake (Cornershop guitarist), Dom Pipkin (Morcheeba keybordist), the Hussey Brothers string quartet and Tanzai (Bjork drummer) being the main players on the tracks.

DB: That’s a great lineup. There is a discernible ‘Bristol’ vibe to this.

KW: Yeah the Bristol sounds all the time! They are iconic: Massive Attack, Portishead, Roni Size Reprazent definitely musicians I aspired to.

When beats fuse with a bit of soul then yes.

Joker and Eats Everything are killing it too.

But I also love the spectrum of D&B, and in particular Photek, Blue Sonix and Adam F: they all mix it up with power and warmth.

DB: You were also involved in Blue Sonix as vocalist? I loved that style, and era!

KW: Yes, I had a few releases with Blue Sonix: ‘The Devil Inside’ and ‘Crime’ both on Jazz and Bass Sessions III which was a compilation album we did on New Identity Recordings.

DB: Did you hit Swerve in those times?

KW: Yes, with Blue.

DB: And after Blue Sonix?

KW: After that I became vocalist for Ulltra Violet a D&B live band based in Reading UK…

… but life, like the music doesn’t stop; I’ve got my own noises that I’m recording in my home set up.

It’s beats & 808 mixed with African percussion and layers upon layers of voice which are slightly Sufi-influenced. I’m hoping to get this out in the next month or so.

I’m also now in an electro duo called Affair playing around more with vocal layering looping my voice.

This track (below) is set to be released with Lo Recordings September time.

DB: Do you feel that your surroundings have rubbed off on you, creatively?

KW: Definitely I live in a little pocket of North London that has its rough and smooth sides. But the mix of cultures is phenomenal and over time was running around with a pirate radio crew ‘Rude Awakening’. I was constantly freestyling vocals live on air with the DJs! It was my way of testing stuff out.

DB: Thanks for chat KW: would you add anything?

KW: We’re looking to press a 7″vinyl of ‘To Get’…

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KW b&w image by Goni Riskin

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