Krakota interview

Krakota: My first release was only back in 2010 on Total Science’s C.I.A so I guess I’m pretty new to the scene. I’d been writing tunes for a few years before that and it was quite a shock when my first tunes were signed. It was actually a collab with Judda from Bournemouth. After that first I gained real enthusiasm to work harder on music and a few releases later… here I am. New 12 out on the 23rd of February.

DB: What sort of influences do you have? Not that it sounds like anyone, it’s your own sound, 100%.

K: Influences are weird, for me it’s anything that can effect my emotions enough to get that urge so that I’m like “I have to write a tune now”. Could be a piece of music or something that happened that day. Anything really.

DB: Your tunes have fantastic contrasting sounds, really stark ones. At times I was thinking of Japanese techno from the 90s, just this wicked maverick attitude… what do you say to that?

K: Konichiwa.

DB: What sort of material will constitute your sets… what sort of stuff will you draw L.I.V.E?

K: When I play out it’s all styles if possible. I’ve been DJ’ing since I was 14 so I love really mixing it up. Ultimately selection-wise it will always depend on the event and the crowd. I love getting longer sets as well so I can go through all different kinds of Drum & Bass.

DB: Much talk about the ways/directions D&B will take in 2012, how do you see it? What do you feel… hey you may say also ‘if it ain’t broke’, in other words it’s just business as usual! I sort of feel that too in part.

K: I expect to see a lot of new producers coming through as usual, the standard of tunes I’m getting in my inbox gets better all the time which is exciting. I also really like the idea of playing multi-genre sets – this is something that seems to be becoming more accepted every year.

DB: Kool. Release information pls.

K: Plenty of stuff in the pipeline for 2012!

My next 12” is out on the 23rd of February, ‘Scraper/Tunnel Vision’ (Ingredients Records)

Recent stuff that you can get now is Krakota & Judda ‘Sooty’ (Integral) and Krakota ‘Be Myself VIP’ (free dl)

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