Konec interview

As the Futures ep drops on Firepower I caught up with Konec.

DB: This is a big sound you have and it is an ambitious sound too, it feels like you want it to go places, is that the case?

K: I guess so. I wrote the EP with quite a cinematic style in mind and I imagined that I was soundtracking events and scenarios I could imagine happening 30-40 years from now. Maybe I’ll go places. It’s hard to tell as an artist in such a volatile scene.

DB: The tune ‘The Void’ is wonderfully anthemic, could you give us some background? That tune sticks in your head.

Konec: Anna and I spent a long time discussing the concept I had for the EP, at the time I’d partially completed Kill City and Futures and I wanted to make sure that the same kind of vibe was maintained. We went over a lot of influences together and I think that really helped, she layed down pretty much the entire vocal as it is now that night which was crazy. Although the track has a very futuristic sound to it I also wanted to make sure I was looking back too like culture does today so there is a lot of influence in there from turn of the millennium dance music, there’s a lot of airhorns and breakbeats hidden in the mix.

DB: So who are your music heroes?

K: Hmm. Quite a strange list I think – Daft Punk first and foremost just because I’ve been listening to them since I was 7 or something and I’ve always loved everything they’ve made. Kanye West too, what he does with his music intrigues me like nothing else in that arena at the moment, especially how deep he has his music linked to design and fashion and stuff. I guess also Brian Eno, my first introduction to electronic music from my dad, I’ve always been fascinated by his Ambient series of albums.

DB: How did the Firepower linkup come about?

K: xKore knows them all since he toured with them last year and stuff so he hooked me up.

DB: Are you into the Firepower touring ethic?

K: I like it a lot. I think it’s much cooler than the private jet arena tours that seem to dominate the higher end of dance music at the moment, there’s a lot of charm in the idea of putting together a consistent line up and stage show then driving it round an entire country playing different cities daily. It definitely has more of a classic rock vibe to it.

DB: What is on the horizon for you?

K: I just started writing my next EP today. Probably before that gets released in the autumn I will do some remixes or some free tracks. I’m not quite sure yet, it depends on where this EP goes.

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