Kompakt X Pitchfork: Michael Mayer: 1998-2004 Kompakt Mix


PITCHFORK have teamed up with KOMPAKT to celebrate their landmark TOTAL 10 compilation (released TODAY, August 10, and in North America August 18th) by offering an exclusive mix from Mr Mayer. iTunes link available on 11th August

Entitled Michael Mayer: Kompakt – The Early Years (1998-2004), Michael dug into the vaults of KOMPAKT and has come up with a remarkable journey of classic and forgotten tunes from our first 6 years of existance. Tracklisting below.


  • All: “Alltag 1”
  • Ehlert & Lohberger: “Vito E.P. 2”
  • Dettinger: “Totentanz 1”
  • Sascha Funke: “Safety First 4”
  • Peter Grummich: “Schleusen Auf 2”
  • Schaeben & Voss: “Tombo’s Revenge”
  • Jürgen Paape: “So Weit Wie Noch Nie (Ata’s Playhouse Mix)”
  • Leandro Fresco: “Cera Uno”
  • Superpitcher: “Heroin”
  • Dorau / Köhncke: “Durch Die Nacht (Geiger Mix)”
  • Closer Musik: “2 the Beat 2 the Rock”
  • Lawrence: “Teaser”

You can peep a full interview, including tracklisting with commentary from Michael on Pitchfork

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