Kobko interview

Kobko is a producer from Novosibirsk in Siberia. Initially, he spoke about his past.

K: I’ve been producing music for a year and a half. It all started in 2005, when I went to music school and played in various hardcore bands.

After graduating from music school, I played a couple of years in bands until I realized that my musical development had stopped. I mean, I felt like I did not bring my own thing into the music and that I was just part of a team. It made me rethink attitudes and start looking for something new. As a result, I downloaded the program and wrote track just the next day. Well, of course, it was a terrible track…

I released my first EP this summer and guys from Musicserf magazine helped me to spread it. This is a serious platform for young contemporary musicians in Russia and they helped me finally bring my music to listeners.

DB: What equipment of yours do you love the best?

K: At the moment I use Ableton Live and MASCHINE from Native Instrument. I used to write songs on an old Roland SP 808 earlier.

DB: Do you like visuals arts?

K: I’m a big fan of classical and modern artists. I visit various exhibitions very often. Most of all I like Franz Ackermann and Ghada Amer.

I love tattoo art. I also have a tattoo.There are a lot of talented tattoo artists among my friends.

DB: What release info do you have? Would you release something with great packaging?

K: I released my first EP this summer. ‘Mid Cycle’ EP (2 tracks embedded in this piece) includes 4 tracks and it came out on Subwise Records.

Also my upcoming new EP will be released this winter. You can download for free one track from it here

As for your question about great packaging, maybe my future LP.

DB: What inspires you?

K: The whole world inspires me. Nature, various events, people. The place where I live is an inspiration itself.

free dl below

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