Kloudbreak 'The River' + Mothboy

We caught up with some of the people behind one of the stone-cold gems of 2010, by Kloudbreak, listen below.

Kloudbreak “The River” with Mothboy & Kraymon Remixes [LOUSE002] OUT OCT by LouseRecords

Pete Horsham runs Bristol-based Louse Records and is releasing the tune.

Damian Bennett: Tell me about Kloudbreak and how did you meet?

PH: I met Kloudbreak at a tiny little live music bar in Bristol called Mr Wolfs. They are Craig Hitchings & Louise Coady, unsurprisingly she’s the one with the sublime velvety voice.
We were both booked to play live sets at a Drawn Recordings night and I had never heard them before. I instantly fell in love with their music. They kept telling me it was their first gig and they were nervous but it all seemed very effortless on stage and really great to watch. I couldn’t resist having at go at remixing it myself and it was a constant battle to use the vocal in a minimal way as I want my remix to be a bit more fast based and clubby. Some strange hybrid thing came out with a full vocal breakdown. I’m quite pleased with it and I’m not entirely sure what genre it is. Which is a good thing in my book.

DB: Tell me about your ethos/musical background?

PH: I’m known in Breakbeat circles having released a string of vinyl back in the day. I then hit a bit of a creative brick wall and was uninspired by the genre I have been slotted in to. Don’t get me wrong, I love SOME breakbeat, but I always just wanted to make electronic music regardless. So more recently I realised I had a lot of a music not finished so I finished some bits off and above all just really enjoyed myself.  This mometum has also got me making lots of new tracks, and of course doing the label… I’m loving it!
I feel a lot more free now and this is partly the reason for setting up my own label as well. I want the music on Louse to not always slot into any genre or scene but just be high quality all round – from the music, the artwork, the mastering, everything.  I have some great contacts for this in Bristol who offer me mates rates. Big ups to Ginz at Multiverse for the mastering and Andy Basic for artwork.

DB: What personal influences do you have?

PH: My 12″ record collection falls into 3 categories I guess. Nuskool breaks (breakbeat, whatever you wanna call it), 4/4 house and techno and then guff.  The guff is the kind of dusty shit you find in charity shops. Old childhood nursery rhymes that you’ve held on to that kind of thing.  I often spend a day just sampling little snippets of these and building my library of sounds. Its very important to have a good sound library I think, then you can quickly get ideas out and lay them down and often these sample will inspire a whole track. The in the digital realms I have a lot of MP3s I’ve bought for DJing etc. These are techno, house, breakbeat, electro, dubstep, blahh bllahhh – whatever grabs me really.

DB: Please give some info re upcoming releases/collabs.

PH: The third release on louse is 99% in the bag but I don’t want to mention that now other than to say it will probably involve one of the artists that have already done something for the label.
I’ve got a breakbeat 2 tracker coming out on Dusted Breaks called ‘Hanabi’/’Bring It On’ at the end of October.
I’ve also completed another remix for Dusted Breaks & a remix of J Hazens ‘Artificial Thing’ coming soon on Sound of Habib Records. The best place to head for my new stuff is my soundcloud. I love to use it for a testing ground to see what people think, so please come along and leave some comments.

We also caught up with Mothboy, mastermind behind the fantastic ‘Bunny‘ album (fervently admired by Mary Anne Hobbs), who’s done a remix of ‘The River’.

DB: What drew you to this fine tune?

Mothboy: I played a night for Drawn Recordings down in Bristol, really great night in December 2009. Met Craig from Kloudbreak there as he worked alongside Drawn at the time. I got sent a link to it not long after that gig, thought the track was big.

DB: What’s it got that others you may be offered to do remix of ain’t?

M: The track was skipping around my head after I heard it. I was thinking of ways to remake it before I even said I wanted a go at remixing it. First track I’ve ever asked to remix.

DB: Why did you go for a garage-y feel? Would you have considered a dubstep reworking?

M: No, the tune has already smashed it on a dubstep level and I am not too comfortable at making tracks or remixes at a halved tempo as it is. The vocal already had a ton of space (kind of like MJ Cole’s ‘Sincere’). To make it a skipped out 2 Step remix felt natural, really thought it would add something different to it as opposed to making another dubstep version. The Kraymon remix is excellent as well – not dubstep either – which possibly shows the strength of the track.

DB: What’s some stuff in yr box right now that you’re well into? And in general?

M: 4/4 stuff like Move D, Kassem Mosse, Soul Phiction, stuff on Free Range records, that sort of thing. Oddfuture crew people like Tyler The Creator have to get a mention as well into that at the moment. Minnie Ripperton, Graham Central Station, Funkadelic, fuzzed-out stuff like Hawkwind, White Hills & Mudhoney.

DB: Thank you both.

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