Kloudbreak remixes, here

We’ve featured Bristol’s Kloudbreak and Drawn Recordings a few times and we’ve had many lengthy discussions with the collective, usually whilst nursing glasses of the finest port, chatting long into the night. Skateboarding and remixes are invariably hot topics.

Now, some of both: remixes of the Kloudbreak tune ‘Afterglow’ and you get them here.

Plus a hazardous shot of label boss Gus aka Startslow… what can I say? He’s clearly a fan of Steps.

(is that grab classified as ‘stinkbug’ if not on vert btw?)

Previous Kloudbreak chats here aaaaaaaaaaaaaand here.

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  • Gus

    Hehe, yeah it’s sort of stinky. It was a boneless though, so don’t know if that’s still the same.

  • Tylerskate123

    yes gus you shredder!!