Kitbuilders interview

DB: I spoke to Kitbuilders about You Trashed My Tracks on Vertical/Kompakt and asked them for a breakdown of what they do.

KB: We see us in a tradition with neo electro-people like Adult. Ektomorph, Ed DMX, Bolz Bolz, IF, Dopplereffekt, G.D.Luxxe, Magas etc.. Our music has all kind of influences, it ranges from Sparks or Chris & Cosey or from Lydia Lunch to Aphex Twin.

DB: Tell us about the various treatments on You Trashed My Tracks? These are very different and interesting. I liked ‘All About’, ‘Spellbound’, ‘Bodies’ and ‘Follow Me’.

KB: We are glad you like it. We just love the different treatments of our songs; The album contains brilliant remixes: Radioactive Man’s killer electro-version of ‘City Of The Damned’, Terrence Dixon’s ‘I Try’ version with that certain Detroit feeling or ASCII Disko’s hypnotic ‘You Trashed My Mind’ Techno Smasher. There is a lot to discover like Bob Humid’s New Wave Style or Bolz Bolz´ Electrofunk & Ear Monks Future-Industrial-Mix.

DB: How do you approach live work?

KB: Live we play special, often raw-sounding versions of studio tracks and lots of new or unreleased material. From time to time we work with visual artist, if it’s the right location. On stage we use an MPC Drumcomputer and analog synths like the Roland SH-101 or the Juno-106.

DB: You’re based in Cologne. Does the city find its way into your music?

KB: Cologne always had a certain electronic edge since the fifties. People like Stockhausen or Can created a certain electronic tradition in the city. A lot of electronic producers live here, but in the last years many cologne based artists like Bolz Bolz or Falko Brocksieper moved to Berlin.

DB: You’re ‘electronic’ in essence but this next question applies to many live acts too of course: if you lost power during a gig what would you do?

KB: That actually happened to us, when we played at the Fusion Festival. We performed on an Open Air Stage and a very stoned guy interrupted the stage electricity by sitting at the main plug connection. It was just some seconds but the sounds of the sampler were lost and we had to reload them which takes some time; so we started to jam with our analog synths – they don’t need no time to boot up – and Ripley was singing along, the people seemed to like it ha ha.

DB: You mention older gear, does it help creativity?

KB: We love hardware, there is always a ghost in the machine to make things happen, especially vintage gear. Ripley likes to improvise, it is the way we mostly work out new songs anyway.

DB: Name 2 tunes in your head right now, anything.

KB: Joy Division ‘The Kill’, Radioactive Man ‘All along’.

DB: If someone came to visit you can you name a great bar?

KB: We can recommend King Georg (without an “e”), Zoo Bar, Coco Schmitz, places like Schrebergarten or Gebäude 9 are also cool.

DB: The album session question: which album of any genre would you have loved to have been present at when recorded?

KB: The first Roxy Music album! It is kind of the first new wave longplayer with brilliant songs, great performance and weird sounds. It must be fun watching Bryan Ferry crooning and Brian Eno creating noises with the EMS synth.

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