Kissy Sell Out – San City High Tour

BIG event for you, Kissy Sell Out is in London October 13th at East Village with a lineup that you can expect to blow your mind; the man himself will be busting some tunes, along with Canadian’s Zed’s Dead who you can expect to have some great dubstep to lay down for you. Then there’s American’s Hot Pink Delorean of whom I’ve only heard of today, with a remix of DJ Fresh’s Lassitude, and they seem to have a pretty sweet vibe going on – and we’ve got some home grown talent; Blamma! Blamma!, The Squatters, Union and Urchins. Expect it to go off, and what else have you got to do on a Wednesday night?

Grab your tickets here (sharpish!) and catch some free tracks from the lineup that are on offer here, here and here.

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