Kid606 (Tigerbeat6, Important, Berlin) – Main Stage – Live at Monegros Festival 2010

We’re big fans of The Kid, so here’s a recent mix recorded live at the Monegros Festival:

“Miguel Trost De Pedro hit a largely unsuspecting public hard when he released his debut Don’t Sweat The Technics in 1998 and the even more visceral follow up Down With The Scene in 2000. His manic fusion, fed by a love for the energy common to the early drum’n’bass days, bands like Godflesh or Atari Teenage Riot, he took to the sonic idealism like a young punk raiding a collection of finely aged wines: He may not have noticed the finer details of taste, but he sure turned things into a party. Alongside friends and cohorts like Jason Lesser he developed a unique strain of sonic terrorism, which led to releases on labels from Milles Plateaux to Ipecac. He has also kept his own Tigerbeat6 imprint running, and while he has gotten more and more, dare we say it, musical along the way, he still bears his Kid606 moniker with the necessary amount of glee and irreverence. This one was recorded live at Monegros 2010.”

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