Kantyze interview

I spoke to duo Kantyze on the eve of the Fish Eye ep out soon on m-Atome.

DB: Each tune is like going into a different doorway, into different realms. Is that fair to say? Lots of variation.

K: Fred and I listen to a lot of music but most being dark and dirty! We have written more than 250 tunes with all our projects and releases and we don’t have a real personal style in terms of ‘drumkit’ or bassline style, as we really use the inspiration of the moment and the pile of sounds we have compiled over nearly 10 years. So every tune is different.

DB: What would be the main impetus when you write?

K: We’ve been feeling the dark and minimal D&B for a bit now and it’s the second EP we release with tunes in the same vein so I guess we used a lot of common tricks on basses and beat work and some tunes have the same vibe, despite the fact that we write a lot of D&B in different styles or substyles. As this EP has been written all at once, the tunes sound more coherent than others could sound sometimes.

DB: So what about some background on you?

K: We met through common friends in our hometown, Fred was DJing at the time and I just discovered D&B – that was in 2005. We did the first eponymous Kantyze LP and we’re still here now. We both have common love for D&B, hip hop to ambient glitch or metal, even techno… Fred is a big fan of 140 bpm styles, I’m not as much as he is. I’m a lot into deathcore bands. So all this darkened background gives birth and inspiration to our tracks, the first track that people remember from us is ‘Metallic Taste’, it says a lot I think!

DB: Where you based?

K: Tours, in the Loire valley in France, in the center. The D&B scene itself is quite poor, until last year we didn’t even have a proper venue to do gigs. So we did a few there but the French ‘law’ is very tough for small size events and it’s hard budget-wise to sort regular things. We may have visits from the likes of Camo and Krooked and Andy C, but that’s quite rare.

DB: What are 5 things on your mind today?

K: Hmm, tennis, sun; 19 – it’s the number of the next m-Atome vinyl release; duck; noise.

DB: And finally can you tell us release deets.

K: So we have the Fish Eye ep coming out on June 10th, we are preparing another couple releases for m-Atome for the post summer period already, but our main focus for the next month or so is our album for the Parisian label Im:ltd of Caine, which is nearly done.
We have some exciting collabs on the go as well. As for gigs we recently separated from our previous agency and we’re working by ourselves for ourselves now, so contact us if you want to find out more.

Image: Chris Turner

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