Jungle Sunday

Smoke over city

Don’t go to church on a Sunday… stay in listen to Jungle music, turn the bassbin up and see the light! Ahhhyeah! Some old skool, some new skool after the drop…

Let’s go straight back to ’94 for this track that Zed-eX ID-ed for me this week – even though I already had it in my stack… cha! – getting told on your jungle by the new boy… not a good look! But the choon is dope…

And now for another old one, real jungle flavour —nice one to Zed-eX for the send and reminding me on this too!

Back up to the new skool – you lot tell me what you think of this one from Pentagon and Ethix… Maybe a bit quick for tru jungle but get ready for the EXTRA long rewind – it catches you out!

Skream’s been putting a bit of pressure on the jungle tip too … He dropped this track on his Stella Session the other week and a lot of people are talking about it. Wonder where it will go from here and damn I need the original!

If you like the jungle, don’t forget Doc Scott – he’s a requirement. Check out this 59 minute old old old mix from Dance Trance 12th Feb 1994 (direct link) which is on the Old Skool tunes group on stalkbook. And one last bit more for you – this Bay B Kane choon “Wake Up” (youtube) is sweet and oldskool… The uploader has disabled embedding so you have to click through and leave our wonderful blog – boooo!



ps. the sick photo is by nattydreaddd and is cc

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  • DUTTY Riddims! jeez, i better step my game up, you two may take over!

  • Zed-eX

    ‘kinnel mate! That’s one hell ofa jam-packed post – looking forward to wading through it all 🙂