Joey Bada$$ – Bringing back the 90’s

joey badass Joey Bada$$   Bringing back the 90s

This morning I stumbled upon a phenomenal interview with Joey Badass at Shade 45 Radio. Having just turned 18 years old his unquestionable talent for rhyming and embracing the spirit of 90’s hip hop is fascinating. Half way into the interview Joey Badass comments –  ”We are not just rappers, we are also thinkers”. This is the forward thinking attitude that mc’s like Guru, Nas and Wu-Tang had back in the glory days. Joey Badass has just collaborated with legendary DJ Premier not only to bring back that boom-bap sound but to progress the movement into new territories. Here is a live performance of ”Unorthodox”. Excepting massive things from this young mc in 2013. Their has also been rumours of Bada$$ signing to Rocafella. Yes!

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