Jesse Marco interview

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I caught up with NYC DJ Jesse Marco, much in demand right now and who’s played with Asher Roth, Kidi Cudi, Pusha T & Machine Gun Kelly along with some work in the fashion industry. He went in on hip hop (language alert).

DB: In such a big city what do you check in order to have a decent night out?

JM: Craigslist. I like any place where there’s a lot of fighting and learning.

DB: What’s five tunes killing you?

JM: Meek Mill ‘Levels’ x 5

DB: What’s your job like regarding the fashion events you do?

JM: I show up and DJ.

DB: As you love hip hop what’s three personal faves.

JM: KRS One ‘Step Into A World’
First rap record I bought with my own cash at Fat Beats. The champs sample still so perfect.

Wu Tang Clan ‘Protect Ya Neck’
Just such a definitive sound of my childhood. Rza just the king of that raw not give a fuck sound. He made the nun-chuck sound a snare.

The Notorious B.I.G. ‘Party and Bullshit’
First record I bought two records of to learn how to juggle. Ufo sample is heavy in there, was also the song in my favorite skate video so whenever I hear this shit I feel like killing something.

DB: How about the UK. Are you coming over?

JM: I’m making a bunch of music there in Sept. I’ll send you some when it’s done.

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