Jeff Mills Live at The Liquid Room, Tokyo

Jeff Mills and Underground Resistance were to techno what Public Enemy were to Rap.

Begun in the late 1980s by Jeff Mills and “Mad” Mike Banks and then later joined by Robert “Noise” Hood, UR were a militarised unit that made politically charged Detroit Techno. Dressed in uniforms with skimasks and black combat suits, they were ‘men on a mission’, aiming at giving techno more content and meaning

Mills never ‘officially’ left UR but set up his own Axis Records in 1992 to chowcase a more minimal style. He became legendary for his incredible DJ sets which would use three decks, a Roland 909 drum machine and over 70 records an hour.

The best example of this is the ‘Live at The Liquid Rooms’ album recorded in 1990. Not only is it showcase to Mills’ exceptional talent but also is one of the first techno recordings through which you can hear the crowd reaction adding to the intensity.


Segment 1 (35:17)
1 Jeff Mills Utopia
2 Jeff Mills The Extremist
3 Surgeon Magneze
4 Joey Beltram The Start It Up
5 Millsart Step To Enchantment (Stringent)
6 Jeff Mills Life Cycle
7 Jeff Mills Untitled A
8 DJ Funk Work That Body
9 DJ Funk Run
10 Joe T. Vannelli Play With The Voice In USA (Joey Beltram Remix)
Featuring – Csilla
Remix – Joey Beltram
11 Wicked Wipe Rock Da House (Ian Pooley Mix)
Remix – Ian Pooley
12 Jeff Mills i9
13 Jeff Mills Changes Of Life
14 Circuit Breaker Overkill
15 iO Eternal Sun
16 Joey Beltram Gameform
17 Club MCM Club MCM (K.A. Happy Mix)
18 Jeff Mills AX-009
19 Surgeon Move
20 Traxmen Wet Floor
21 Jeff Mills Detached
22 Claude Young Nocturnal
Segment 2 (23:55)
23 Advent, The Bad Boy
24 DJ Skull The 187 Skillz
25 Rhythim Is Rhythim Strings Of Life
26 Jeff Mills Loop 3
27 Jeff Mills Untitled B
28 Ken Ishii Extra (Luke Slater Mix)
Remix – Luke Slater
29 Damon Wild Avion
30 X-102 Intro (X-102)
31 Jeff Mills Growth
32 H&M Suspense
33 Shadow, The The Other Side
34 Dan Morgan Flowerchild
35 Hell & Jonzon Bazetoya
Segment 3 (7:52)
36 Jeff Mills Casa
37 Jeff Mills Life Cycle
38 Millsart Step To Enchantment (Stringen

Go here to pick up a decent copy

If you want to actually SEE these skills in action then check out this video taken from the ‘Purpose Maker’ DVD.

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