Jayou – Crack Hands EP

I present to you, a child prodigy turned dubstep extraordinaire; Jayou. Coming from a classical background, playing at extremely high levels on both Piano and Violin – you wouldn’t expect his first song to played on the radio to be included on Major Lazer‘s 2009 Summer Essential Mix… he’s also been featured on Brodinski‘s Top Ten – and has collaborated with Diplo on a remix, as well as having support from the Record Label Mad Decent. All this from posting his tracks on online forums, as it might be apparent, he’s a somewhat online phenomenon.

The track that started it all for him, that found it’s way from an online blog onto a Diplo and Switch Essential Mix, is his first release; Crack Hands was released October 10th on Under 5’s/Skint Records – and it doesn’t come alone, with two new tracks Ghost and Lucky Strike. The man is set to be playing at Gatecrasher and Bugged Out, and is resident at Manchester’s Miami and Subdivision. You can get a free download of the Genetic Crew remix of Crack Hands right here, courtesy of Under 5’s. Enjoy.

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