Jaybee Interview – 2013

As ‘Watch Dis/Halleluja’ draws near to release date it was time to catch up with 36Hertz soldier Jaybee and talk about the tunes and his wider background.

DB: Is this material typical of your sound? It’s full of precision and energy.

JB: Thank You for that. TBH I really don’t have a “sound”. I know that is the ultimate goal in this music but having a sound means sticking to a formula and l like to try to do something a little different each time.

DB: It follows then that it must be fun to mix. Do you enjoy the DJing process? Feels like one of your sets would be on fire…

JB: I’ve been djing since I was 13. It is hands down one of my most favorite things to do in the world. I hate bigging myself up, but yeah, I guess my DJ skills are not half bad. You can check out mixes at
soundcloud.com/Jaybee or mixcloud.com/jaybeednb

DB: Speaking of your past there, what is some background?

JB: Well I got into DJing cause I used to always like watching the DJs in hip hop videos and a nearby friend got a pair of decks. After my first go on them I was hooked. I got my first gear and began writing tunes which were all horrible. It took quite a while to be able to start writing good tunes but I always kept at it and never gave up. These days I really have to give credit to being able to work with Random Movement. He really showed me how to make a proper tune and working with him showed me all the little details that my music was missing.

DB: So what’s your fave era of D&B sir?

JB: That used to be a easy question as I would always just answer 95 – 97, but with the tunes that are coming out these days, I actually might change my answer to the current era. 95 – 97 Will always hold a dear spot in my heart as thats when I first started getting into Jungle. For me back then it was all about the Amen break hands down. It is still my favorite break to this day. There is nothing like a good Amen workout to get the crowd into a frenzy.

DB: What release details you got?

JB: My next release on 36Hertz ‘Watch Dis/Halleluja’ will be out the 22nd of July. ‘Riverside’ which I did with Madcap has just been released on Good Looking. ‘Wait For It/Yeah!’ are out right now on Force Recordings. The Wide Open EP on Nookie’s label Phuzion should be out very soon as well as the Wassup Now EP on Directors Cut.

I have collabs with Random Movement that are forthcoming on Liquid V and Intrigue that should be out before the end of summer. I also have a couple things coming on my own label, Stepping Forward as well.


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