Jay Cunning interview

I spoke to Jay Cunning about the new dual-mixed Sub Slayers breakbeat comp.

JC: It all came together from a multitude of reasons but mainly it was about pushing Sub Slayers, its artists and our music to the next level. I wanted to create a package that would reflect where we’ve come from and where we are going using existing tracks and exclusive material.

DB: What are a few tracks you’d talk us through?

JC: The label started out with a clear vision which was to cross pollinate Dubstep, Jungle and Breakbeat which later became known as Future Jungle. Since 2009 the label has been leading the way for this style but come 2013 and I’m pushing the boundaries further by incorporating more styles and tempos – I guess simply put it’s bass music!

All of the tracks hold something special to me but here are a few stand out ones:

King Yoof ‘Back 2 Hackney (Jay Cunning & Toronto Is Broken remix)’: The original of this is our biggest seller to date and never fails to get a party started – pure classic Jungle vibes at 140BMP! It was a tough call to remix this as big tunes are always a challenge but we pulled it off!

Gella feat MC Spyda ‘Twinkle’: second release for us and a huge game changer – was all about what the label stood for.

High Rankin ‘You Got It’ – Will was the first ever release on Sub Slayer back in 2009 so it was perfect for him to give us an exclusive track for this compilation. A monster amen mash up at 160 – fierce!

Toronto Is Broken ‘Spirit Song 2012 (Schema remix) – These boys can do no wrong when it comes to a remix – FYAH!!!!

DB: Is this a global sort of thing, this sound would you say?

JC: Our release have been gaining a lot of attention worldwide and funnily enough some of our biggest supporters are D&B heads who are playing our 140 tunes like Netsky, Metrik, Sub Focus & DJ Hype to name but a few. There is no massive scene like there is for D&B & Dubstep but remember Dubstep was around for years before it became as popular as it is now. There’s no rush – we know it’s gonna happen and its better the foundations were firmly in place before it explodes.

DB: What are some breakbeat style tunes of all time you love? Name 3.

JC: Just 3 – ahahha, that’s gonna be fun! Ok…
Atomic Hooligan ‘Just One More’
Lady Waks & Hardy Hard ‘Minimal’
Jammin ‘Hello’

(See website for details of a remix competition to win a release on the label and loads of software & Juno Download vouchers)
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