Jamaica Suk ‘Spektrum’ interview


Jamaica Suk talks to us about the new Spektrum EP.

DB: What made you want to create music?

JS: Seeing my grandfather play sax and percussion for Muddy Waters and the Coasters at the age of seven.

Music often gave me a transcendental experience in which I felt transported to other worldly dimensions from the dance-floor.

Various genres took me to this place: Rock, Blues, Jazz & Electronic music in which i could see, hear and feel the sounds. Also from listening to bands I admired and learning the parts. Hearing a riff you love and re-producing it on your instrument.

Some of my influences growing up were: Muddy Waters & the Coasters, Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Mingus, Red Sparowes, Sunn O))), Boredoms, Massive Attack, Orchid, and Melt Banana.

What drew me to creating electronic music was that there are no sonic boundaries. In order to create your own soundscapes… sky’s the limit. At the end of the day you make your own rules.

DB: Where do you go out?

JS: Flea markets, Galleries, cafes and dark nightclubs.

DB: Name five things you love?

JS: Music, Frequencies between 20 – 90hz, Lucid Dreams, Meditation, Time Travel.

DB: What are some great sights near where you live?

JS: The East Side Gallery, Spree Park, Tempelhof, and Boxhaganer Flea Market.

DB: Take us behind Spektrum: when was it conceived and made, what memories have you got of it?

JS: Spektrum was created this past summer and after sending it to a few respectable friends, Tim Xavier decided that he wanted it for FIIF002, to be released on his latest imprint, Face II Face Recordings.

This was very exciting for me, as it would be released literally only a few months after it was created.

As a Californian living in Berlin, I wanted to capture something that I had missed growing up near San Francisco, the change of seasons: most importantly the Berlin summer progression into winter. I wanted to embrace Berlin’s transition into 4 months of winter instead of dread it.

Sonically this is shown with a balance between warm melodies over dark rhythms, a balance between dark and light, tracks with elements of both house and techno.

For me this also follows my motto: ‘desire, ask, believe, receive.’ Spektrum reflected a transitional time period in my life, the journey of visiting Europe on vacation and deciding to build my nest here.

‘Visualize’ your dreams, and you are only one step closer to making them happen.


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