Jamaica Suk ‘Kontort’ interview


Jamaica Suk spoke to us about her fantastic Kontort ep, due out on May 25.

Hi again Jamaica, how does April find you, what are you doing during this quite beautiful time of year?

Hey, April/May is finding me well. Berlin’s temperature finally shifted and we’ve dived right into spring.

I’m busy with finalizing my next EP in the studio and working on my new live set.

Tell me when you started work on this fantastic new material comprising Kontort?

This last November.


I see a studio shot on the soundcloud: is this your working set up? How important is it to have a great work area?

Yes this is my current working set up. I have a comfortable flow with everything routed through my console and a send channel with my guitar FX. It’s not so important to have a separate studio from your own place but the atmosphere has to be key. It should be a place that feels right and gives you the strength to dig deeper into your creativity.

What sort of things influenced the new material, did you have something in mind when you started?

I wanted to make a three track EP with different shades of a similar mood.

Take us into ‘Depth Between Waves’?

‘Depth Between Waves’ is a more dubby feel with middy toms, and analogue shade.

Have you heard the material through a big PA? That’s what struck me, how powerful it is… but also the way other sounds interlace and develop over the beats too…

Powerful comes from my interpretation of techno and dance music.

I like a harder beat with beautiful sounds on top that weave in and out of the rhythm.

I want to paint a portrait similar to life, depicting both the darkness and light.

I haven’t heard this yet on a large system, but walked in a few minutes after Clay Wilson played this at Berghain.

What label is it on?

Kontort EP will be released on Arthur Kimskii’s L.a.g. vinyl only label May 25th.


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