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Eatbrain boss Jade spoke about recent actvities on Eatbrain and what’s on the horizon.

2014 was a huge year for the label – what were some highlights for you?

The biggest thing we did last year is the album for sure: 18 tunes from 23 artists coming from all across the planet, 3×12″ vinyl and 2xCD.

The release was world number one among all genres for four days!

‘Must Eat’ did pretty awesome as well: it was a privilege to welcome Mefjus back to the label, he has come a long way since our first release with him.

We’re a month into 2015, and Eatbrain has already put out a record! 2015 looks to be busy

For the past year or so many EPs were in the making, and it seems like finally a lot of them are done. So up until mid-year we have a release coming up every month: 2015 is definitely looking to be the busiest year so far for the label. I don’t want to spoil all surprises, but after the current release with QO – plus Mindscape,

Rymetyme, Computerartist – the next one is going to be State Of Mind featuring Mindscape, Chris.SU, and myself.

Probably the strongest EP we have ever had. It will also get a release as 2×12″ white vinyl with full color sleeve.


Who are some new artists, labels, etc which are on your radar?

There are so many talented people. At Eatbrain there are quite a few new or up and coming acts to keep an eye on.

L 33 would be one of them: I always liked his style, but recently he is on fire. This guy is going places this year for sure. The French trio Signs is something to watch out for as well; they started releasing less than a year ago, and they are already on C4C, Redlight, Bad Taste, Project 51 – and soon Eatbrain.

I would also like to mention the Belgian duo Hypoxia, already making waves with their massive release on Titan Records.

There’s a brand new Russian formation called Gydra, that recently caught my attention; they have some nasty tunes coming up on Eatbrain and on Program as well.

Shouts to QO, Trilo, Disprove, Minor Rain, A-Cray, Akov, Cod3x!

Describe Eatbrain in two words.

Premier Neurofunk.

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