Ishewz ‘One Of Them Days’

Ishewz has just finished his album. He’s influenced by garage and hip hop. He gets through days ‘by listening to music, freestyling to myself, writing song ideas, and listening to Talksport.’

He speaks of the tune above:

‘There’s a story behind most of the tracks on the album but I guess the stand out one for me is ‘One of them days’. I was sent the instrumental by Smart Alex – check him battling on Dont Flop’s youtube channel – and as soon as I heard it it spoke to me!

I know that sounds cheesy as f*ck but yeah, basically it made me just feel like it was one of them long arse days where you just want to get away from it all and spend some me time! I wrote that in about 30 mins as it all falls in to place when you get a beat that resonates with you.’

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