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After a busy and prosperous day, week and month *shrugs* I had a chance to catch up with Teebs, people asking right now Teebs who is Teebs? Well if you don’t know Teebs you must of been sleeping for a long time, times your age then times it again by the number you times to your age (some mathematics for you to do there). In this interview we talk about Brainfeeder (yes he is part of Brainfeeder), Production, and ‘The Tropics EP’.

Less telling you what the interview is about and more actually you reading it, so check it…

Hi Teebs thanks for doing this interview from the other side of the atlantic, How are you?
Im doing greaaaaaaaaaaaat

Teebs ‘to be honest’ is that your real name?

Nope. My names Mtendere. ((pronounced ten-de-ra)) it is a word that means Peace.

And what came about with the name and what does it mean? I’m very curious!

A long list of confusion and nicknames from my real name made Teebs…It was better then anything ive heard to date so I adopted it as my official name

Brainfeeder has become a huge movement in LA, how do you feel to be part of it?

it feels pretty surreal man. Being around really creative individuals like the people on Brainfeeder and family around it is a blessing.

I heard that you, Flying Lotus and Samiyam where roomates, is that where you lot all met and when you joined Brainfeeder?

Umm, I think Lotus asked me to join a month or so before I moved in…and to clarify more I was roomates with just Sam. Steve lived in a single appartment two doors down. Besides being at the same events, i would say we all really got to know each other better when i moved in.

How was it to live with your once to be colleagues Brainfeeder, did you lot all know each other?

I knew most the guys on brainfeeder before i got on. Some others I met after on certain Brainfeeder related shows.

Who was the messiest out of all you three?

Tufff one…sam was definitely the cleanest when it came to his room though.

Are you from LA? How was it to be brought up in LA?

I was born in NY actually..moved to Atlanta and then Conneticut…and finally around LA. I kinda bounced around a lot.

Do you feel you gain a lot of inspiration while being brought up in LA or your environment? Did you get the inspiration of living in LA?

Yeah I feel as though my environments are what make/made me…or make me react in certain ways. Living around southern Cali really helped me grow though. Im a pretty laid back guy and the skate/music culture of southern California really hit me.

You use your creativity by doing Art, Producing, and DJing and you also skate, what don’t you do :)?


What is the DubLab? Is it a creative sector for DJ’s?

Dublab is an internet radio, label, and just a giant creative output for LA. It’s pretty much a hub for artists to come and share their sounds and meet others. LA LANDMARK.

You have your own unique of drawing, painting and doing on canvas or just on paper or whatever there is space to paint or draw, as an artist do you think its important to be unique as well as being a producer?

Yeah, very important to be unique. As cool as it may seem to try and do what someone else did for the world, its a bit cooler for the world to experience something new that only an individual could bring.

Do you mix both music and art together to picture a visual sound or painting?

I dont try to mix the two like that…but they do resemble each other…its more of a natural process

Your new pieces are brilliant, I see you do your own artwork for your covers, what does the new cover you’ve done for ‘Tropics EP’ with Jackhigh mean to you?

Its just my representation of what the records energy felt like…i saw the colors of the green and the slight pinks in my head and just drew that.

In terms of sound you are no where near from this world in terms of sound you are defiantly out of this world which is great!


What is the equipment you use to make your production as whole?

Sp404, random instruments I borrow and an old FL program.

Your project ‘The Tropics EP’ with Jackhigh from the UK, sounds like you have created a new science topic. I call this Music Science. Have you always been in contact with Jack High?

Umm yeah since around 2007/2008 we started chatting. we use aim all the time, but it was crazy…ive only actually heard his voice maybe twice to this day…and maybe seen him once on a chat thing…haha. I just got this webcam deal though so I might Skype him sooner then later

Can you please talk about your previous projects…

I wouldnt say I have many. Theres this beat tape that leaked online that people call teebs09 haha. I get asked about track titles all the time but I rather it be that way since it wasnt suppose to get out as much as it did. I just made 50 copies to sell one day in santa ana and literally the next day I had a kid from Russia telling me online how he’s in love with my new release…and I think I only sold a few CDs that night…very confusing.

But to move into the future…some of those songs are more developed and will be on my upcoming LP for Brainfeeder this year. track titles included 🙂

You are an aspiring artist from hollow drum what is the Hollow Drum?

My Hollow Drum is a collective of dj/producer/artists. We are all connected somehow through location or bloodlines and we just wanted to start something to push each other to keep creating. It later just grew into what it is now

To other young aspiring DJ’s, Producers and Painters what advice would you give them?

Don’t give up on what your doing or your own direction.

What sort of feeling do you want people to gain from your music and paintings?

Whatever they want i suppose…I try to aim at a feeling of reaching peace.

Thanks for taking your time with us Teebs!

Thank You!

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