Interview: Serge Santiago

Ahead of his performance at the Eastern Electrics festival we caught up with Serge Santiago for a very short interview.

Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from and what do you play?
Hey, I’m out of London at the mo playing a load of House with a New Jersey twist.

We’d like you to pick your favourite track at the moment (with YouTube) link and 1 line to explain why;


AUS are releasing some heavy stuff at the moment; Will Saul’s got his head screwed on for sure.
This (George Fitzgerald – Child) and the Bicep release (Don’t) are smoking.

Thanks for your time Serge, where can people expect to be seeing you play over the coming months?
I’m out a lot with Waze & Odyssey at the moment but you’ll see my name from time to time in whatever form I take 😉

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