Interview: Ghostpoet

When a wack MC is in your neighborhood who you going to call…? Ghostpoet! Well believe it or not this upcoming MC from UK is destined to do big things for UK Hip Hop in 2010 so believe.

As I research google earth and learn that Coventry is actually in West Midlands, I’ll give you a little bio on Ghostpoet. Originally from the West Midlands, Coventry then moving to the beautiful, unpredictable weather making, I need a girl to get into a club in Central London’s clubs London Town; British MC Ghostpoet has already won over Gilles Peterson that he signed him to his independent record label Brownswood records. Yes it’s a little Bio.

Still only at 24 years of age Ghostpoet has a bright future ahead of him. I had a listen to the first taster of this talented MC’s first EP. Which I previously posted if you missed it or couldn’t be asked to click the the mouse, you can download for free here or here, so no excuse now. I decided to take it into an interview you know them one’s?! When I ask the person questions and I get an answer. I’m not saying any more ill let the music and the rather interesting interview/conversation you can say I had with Ghostpoet after this jump.

Hi Ghostpoet thanks for taking your time to do this interview

Thank you : )

Ghostpoet do you believe in ghosts?

I think I believe in the idea’ of ghost’s, there’s enough strange things that happen to us everyday for there existence to be possible

Who is your favourite poet? Luís de Camões is mine.

I wouldn’t say I had a favourite poet as i’m not really into poetry, hmmm I would say John Keats

You’ve opened for Nneka in Belgium, Rox at Dingwalls plus you are now signed to Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Records how do you feel about all this?

It’s all really great, a privilege and a blessing, I’m just happy that I finally realised that if I worked hard, good things could happen, there’s still a long way to go but I’m pleased to be on the path

What was your dream when you was a little one?

To please my parents and get a proper career like “architecture”, that kind of went out the window when I started listening to music haha

Have your dreams been fulfilled yet?

No! and I don’t want them to be right now, life for me is the constant pursuit of dream’s, I got to keep dreaming!

Where you originally from then? Where did you start your journey?

Originally from London,  the journey started when I bought my first record, discovered it had a instrumental, tried writing to it, enjoyed it, got more and more curious,  grew more and more hungry for sound, experimented, emotional up’s and down’s, experimented some more

Do you think moving to London has left you to discover more of yourself and experiment on other sounds?

I think moving back to London has helped elevate awareness, things move quicker and I can connect with likeminded soul’s easier. In term’s of experimenting I hope I would do that regardless of my location, but I will say this..London definitely has a buzz about it that make’s me want to create more, it must be in the water!.

Let’s talk about your love confusion is that your favourite beat from A Tribe Called Quest’s  Electric Relaxation?

It’s not actually, although I do love that one I love “Scenario” the most, the beat, the rap’s, the video – toooo siiiick!

Growing up in West Midlands what was the sort of music you was brought up with?

Whilst I was in the Midland’s for a period I had a steady diet of garage, grime, hiphop, Indie and neo soul

Why did you migrate from Coventry (West Midlands) and then to London why?

In term’s of travelling I think I’m a bit of a nomad, can’t quite settle in one place for too long, not at the moment anyway..

Did you got straight to London from West Midlands?

I did go from London to Coventry, it’s was a frosty morning, I remember it vividly, straight up the motorway, took about a hour and a half

What did you study at University?

I studied Media Production

How did you manage to concentrate in a lecture at University, and do music ?

I wasn’t a very good student so concentration was a problem, I guess for most of my uni life it was around 65% music in various forms and 35% study, silly me…

Close your eyes count to 5 seconds look up, what is the first thing that jumps into your head?

A cabbage falling on it

Is The Sound Of Strangers your first EP?

It is the first, the first of many I hope

Did you produce the three tracks from your EP?

I produced two tracks “Gone” and “Longing for the night”, the third was produced by Micachu

What is the equipment you use for your production?

A Mac, Reason, Logic, midi keyboard, rich tea biscuits

How long did it take to do your EP?

Completing the tracks took say a month or so in hours spent

Out of the 4 tracks which one did you find enjoying more?

I enjoy all of them equally, there all my baby’s!

Is their going to be a LP after this, and is it going to be a different sound?

The LP should hopefully be out in September following a single release in August. The sound? Hmmm I think it will just be me, the EP is a taster of possibilities, it will be similar but I hope you hear progression and evolution.

Where can we catch you?

I have date’s in and around London in the next few month’s check the myspace and come on down!

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