Interview: CurT@!n$

Here we have a ‘rapper’ from Brooklyn, New York a rapper nah! An artist quite rightly so. He has already made a name for himself 11 years ago and counting. His name CurT@!n$. Interview after the jump.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am CurT@!n$ aka Dope Boy C and I design life

Where you from?

I’m from the West Indies. St. Vincent to be exact but I was raised in Brooklyn, New York all my life

Can you tell about New York rap and what came before you?

Uh New York rap for me growing up was all about social commentary and the everyday lifestyle growing up as a young black youth. Acts like LL Cool J, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Wu-Tang, EPMD, Biggie, those guys painted the pictures of how we grew up everyday in my neighborhood.

Hailing from New York the Mecca of Hip Hop why did you move to Los Angeles?

Good weather and great scenery. Honestly thats it.

Your first project if I’m not mistaken Young Brooklyn Volume 1 is probably a project which is not mentioned when really anyone mentions you how old is this project?

Yea thats my very 1st 1st 1st full project, that came out in ’03 if im not mistaken. Thats before the internet boom and cd’s were actually pressed up. We did bout 20,000 of that project when it was released.

You had a record deal can you talk about your stint at that record label? How old you back then?

My 1st deal was with Ted Field’s company Artist Direct. That was my 1st major deal, I was signed there for 5 years or so and we could never agree on the direction of the music so there was a 5 year standstill. Great experience overall. I was 16 when I first got over there.

How many years in the game are you into this present time?

Professionally about 11 years in

So before you dropped this mixtape you where building it up to release an album, but your record label at the time was hard to convince why wasn’t this work ever released? Is it going to be released any time soon?

We just couldn’t agree on the sound and direction of the music. I wanted to make what I wanted to make, they wanted pop hits. Nah the album is never gonna see the light of day, I have all the masters so no one can drop it but me and I’m not.

You’ve known Lupe Fiasco since high school and Kanye West you meet him when you was in high school and working at the infamous Roc-A-Fella records. This was after you felt that you was going insane because people wouldn’t listen to you and your ideas. How much has Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West helped you as person and music artist?

From a fans perspective they just inspire me to keep going in the direction I wanna go in. It took both of em YEARS before their actual projects came to fruition and they never gave up that fight to be who they are as artists.

Your record label High Society Life Co. are you the only signee?

Yes. 1st and probably only ever. I’m not into the business of music that much to be signing artists and doing the whole label thing.

You looking for talent, or artists who had the same mind set as you when you first started off?

Only as a fan am I ever looking for artists, I’m not into the having a record label thing.

When Kanye West gave you the tickets to the ‘Glow in The Dark concert one day when you was working at the retail store. If you still remember what captivated you to come back and rap again? What made you feel at that moment “I need to come back and do my thing a reclaim my spot in the game”?

That concert was just magic. The music, the performance, the moment, it was just magic. It made me re-evaluate what the fuck I was doing with my life. Cuz I knew I had it in me to do incredible things.

Your series of mixtapes  starting off with “The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C” had your mindset changed now as this your rise to the top of the game again?

Nah my mindset since day one has always been to make the best music as I see fit. Fuck what anyone has to say.

You’ve dropped 15 tracks for most of your projects is their something behind you and the number of tracks which have to be selectively 15?

15 is my favorite number but thats a subconscious thing. I think the more tracks you give the more room for error you leave. The last project The Dissertation only had 10, I’m very much a minimalist. Overkill can destroy a project.

Your ‘The Dissertation: The Wu-Thesis’ it’s a Wu-tang Clan 36 Chambers inspired project. But what is your argumentation or pep talk and is it against anyone or for anyone in particular?

Nah the project was a dedication to the great influence of the Wu-Tang Clan. I wanted to dedicate something to them for the great music and inspiration they’d given me over the years.

How many more mixtapes or series are you dropping till your album? Does it depend on the amount of people that understand what your trying to get across?

I couldn’t even give a straight answer to that at this point. I just make music man, where it ends up, even I never really know til it drops.

When ever people listen to your music, what do you want them to get out of it?

Inspiration and motivation

Has your producers changed or do you stick to one producer?

Nah I never had one producer, I’m with whoever got great music.

How much creativity do you need to write a rhyme?

Not much but it always helps to be stimulated by something. I write off of the moment and I’m a very self motivated/inspired person so it doesn’t take much for me to write.

If you was to promise something to me right now, what would it be?

A high five

Where can we catch you? or @DopeBoyC on twitter and that bout it

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