Infra ‘Cold Mountain’ interview

I caught up with icy dubstep renegade Infra and asked about how 2013 was so far for him.

Infra: 2013 blessed me with a lot of new challenges which I gladly accepted but having my first 12″ released on my home label F4TMusic is certainly the outermost highlight of the year.

DB: Where do you operate from?

Infra: I live and operate from Berlin, Germany where I am involved in a regular radio show and events.

DB: So much purity in this music, I love the freedom of it: you layer sounds and have given yourself acres of space in which to work. Like a canvas miles wide. Is that accurate?

Infra: Thanks that’s actually a nice way to describe it. The more I progress with production the more space I seem to have to work with although everything is already tight and full of pressure. The metaphor of a miles wide canvas or even a movie also fits very well with my perception of sound which always evokes pictures and emotions.

DB: Is the title a depiction of what was in your mind when you wrote the sounds?

Infra: Sound makes me imagine stories, remember situations etc. but the difference whilst producing a track is that I can add my aesthetic ideas therein. Sometimes I know exactly what kinda world or situation I want to translate into sound and sometimes I can’t help but to give in and follow the path the sounds lead me to. When I wrote INSIDE THE COLD MOUNTAIN it was like being dragged down the rabbit hole. At some point and all of a sudden everything was just so very dark, icy and vibrant and I just kept on following whilst leaving my trace.

I didn’t have a title in mind at that point, just a mere feeling, so I played it to my friend 1Way who described it as being in a cave sort of thing. I then searched for a term to describe it without success and after a day of thinking about it I just had to give it a more descriptive title. The two other tracks though are a depiction of things and situations encountering whilst being inside the cold mountain.

DB: Where do you play out… where can we catch you?

Infra: As a co-founder of the weekly running Impulse which takes place at ://about blank in Berlin you can catch me with my crew Dubmarine every third Thursday of a month there. Beneath that I hold a residency with the Shadowdub nights at Subland in Berlin which runs bi-monthly and I also get bookings throughout Germany and Europe once in a while so I eventually pop by your place. Hit up your local promoters!

DB: For you, how important is the club and the PA that it comes with it? Or are you just happy to turn up anywhere and play?

Infra: The PA is the most important thing at a club night but I guess everyone also remembers some great nights in an illegal basement with a crappy system as well. Of course I am always happy to play out my sets anywhere but the better the system translates the music into vibrations and the better the rooms acoustics are the more fun and enjoyment everyone can feel. Sadly there’re a lot of club owners out there who don’t care about installing a decent system for their audience. That has to change.

DB: Other music with this particular vibe is sort of rare I feel. What sort of things influence you?

Infra: I grew up in the Ruhrgebiet area which kinda feels like a mix of industrialised cities melting together. It’s riddled with many industry ruins along rural areas and this mixture definitely influenced my aesthetic taste and feel. I am also influenced by technology, design and spiritual beliefs and experiences that’s why I want to make my tracks sound heavy and futuristic whilst maintaining freedom for mental explorations.

DB: What are some of your favourite tracks?

Infra: J Majik ‘Stationary’
Adam F ‘Metropolis’
Teebee ‘Unknown Approach’
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore ‘Midnight Radio 02’
Mathuresh ‘Entrapped 1’

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