Hyroglifics interview

Hyroglifics has just dropped the very, very strong ‘Senseless’ ep on Peer Pressure.

DB: What was the inspiration for the ep, did it come over time?

H: The EP started with the tune ‘Annodam’, I sent it over to Philth and he passed it on to the guys at Peer Pressure and they really liked it. So we went on to talk about putting an EP together and then the rest stemmed from there.

DB: So what major influences do you have?

H: I like to take influence from a lot of different genres of music and am really just into unique and fresh sounding music. My biggest influences in D&B come from all the artists on Shogun Audio or Critical as I think the music they are making at the moment is incredible. I love all the music on Ninja Tune as well as all the artists on Brainfeeder. I’m generally influenced by anything that stands out or is able to create a strong vibe.

DB: What’s a key tune of the ep, in terms of what it says about you?

H: The second track ‘Grow’ was the last track to be finished on the EP and I wanted to really experiment with my sound within this track. I started it by messing around on my vocoder and creating some pads/vocoder melodies. I feel this is the most personal track that I have written so far and I think the vocoder makes it what it is.

DB: Discussion point: does D&B need more anarchy and personality? So many are making ‘perfect’ music with all the knowledge about… what about raw, live performances?

H: I think a lot of people who first get into production worry about production a lot. They worry about whether they are using the right plug-ins or software and spend hours upon hours trawling through YouTube tutorials trying to re-create sounds from their favourite producers. This is a great way to start out but in my opinion this doesn’t help create individual music… as well as taking all the fun out of making music in the first place!

DB: How and when do you consume D&B?

H: I hear about a lot of new music through Soundcloud, whether it’s just strolling through the most recent uploads or listening to a mix. A lot of my friends and housemates also produce and DJ so we’re constantly talking about new music all the time. When I’m not making music I’m usually downloading new music. I like to download whole albums or EPs and listen to them the whole way through from start to finish especially on long journeys.

DB: My studio session question: at the recording of which album would you have liked to attended, any album, any genre?

H: I would love to have been in the studio when Nirvana were recording their album ‘Nevermind’. It’s such an amazing and influential album for me and it would be amazing to see the way in which they were able to capture the raw energy of their live performances within their recordings.

DB: True, it never dates.

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