Hydro, War & Mateba interview

I caught up with Hydro, War & Mateba and asked about ‘Black light/Enlightenment’ on Inside Recordings, plus their forthcoming hyperactivities.

HWM: We all bring quite different angles to the table anyways, so that helps to do something new. This is our first release together so we decided to present three distinctly different vibes, one is more tech and dark, one more musical and warm. The third track is halftime, tribal voodoo.

: What are your influences? What sort of stuff in general do you love listening to?

HWM: We could easily list musicians, artists, film, photographers, graphic designers, etc for days.

DB: In whose sets will we find this sound of yours?

HWM: Our sound is diverse and so appeals to various tastes but we know that the following people are playing the tunes: Break, Naibu, Icicle, Flight, DLR, Ant TC1, Cern, Sam KDC, Spinline, Consequence.

DB: Do you all work together, physically, in the same studio?

HWM: Yes, and that is vitally important to all of us. Since we first ‘met’ online, Hydro regularly visits Montpellier in France, where both War & Mateba live. The music is all about the vibe that we share when creating it.

DB: In your view where’s D&B headed?

HWM: D&B has always been very diverse and we believe that apart from the tempo, that is the main ingredient.

The style is spreading worldwide and constantly evolving and developing. There is certainly a lot to be gained from knowledge of the history and sound of the genre, however it is just as important to be open to other ideas and influences.

DB: Please take a deep breath and give us all respective forthcoming release details.

HWM: Inside 020 is out now in all good stores: Hydro, War & Mateba ‘Black light/Enlightenment’ which also features a digital bonus track: Hydro & Arma ‘Life Is Cheap’.

We have a new track: Hydro, War & Mateba called ‘Entropy’ that will feature on Dispatch’s forthcoming Transit 2 LP soon.
We’re also very proud to announce our future Utopia Music release: Hydro, Habstrakt, War & Mateba ‘The New Age’.
Hydro: Horizons 068 is brand new and available on white label via Horizons
Spinline & Hydro ‘True’ b/w Gamma & Hydro ‘Mayday’
Forthcoming summer 2013: Dispatch 070 – DLR, Hydro, Mako & Villem ‘The Formula’
Symmetry 014: Fields, Hydro, Mako & Villem ‘Celestine’
Metalheadz Platinum Breakz 4 LP Ivy Lab & Hydro (feat. Lucy Annika & Frank Carter III) ‘Make It Clear’
Horizons Dream Thief 4 album, Hydro & Instant ‘Sanctity’
War: Demand 013 War ‘Makashi’ is out now.
Mateba: IM:Ltd DUB 06 Kuantum’s Wasteland EP, Mateba & Kuantum ‘Distracted’ is out now.
Gradient Audio, Mateba EP is out now available at all digital stores.

For all details of gigs and dates please check
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