Hibea interview

Hibea is from the Ukraine and produces D&B.

DB: What is the scene like there?

H: I am remote from the Ukrainian scene.

I think Fade is a really good producer and I also like Sunchase music.

DB: What’s the place you come from, what town is it?

H: I live in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. It’s a small town, you’re always welcome.

DB: What D&B creeps in and influences you?

H: Honestly, I try to don’t listen to D&B too much in order that it doesn’t leave a mark and affects or influences my tunes. I take my influences from all kind of music, mostly old school jungle, & more widely, electronic music and old rock and soul. I never listen to the radio. I recently got back to listening to old school jungle/D&B.

And I stick to my emotions and mood when it comes to beat making.

DB: Is there a tune of yours that you would use to sum up your vibe?

H: I believe I haven’t made my best tune yet but if I had to pick one from those already existing it would probably be ‘Ellipse’, the track featuring on the Purple Sky ep as to me it combines both emotion and movement while using the minimum amount of elements and sounds.

DB: Speaking of the forthcoming ep, how did the hookup come?

H: It’s thanks to the efforts of Caine who’s been very supportive to my music since I had my first digital release on IM:Ltd. Also forthcoming releases.

I have a couple of forthcoming releases lined up on IM:Ltd.

My track ‘Butterfly’ shall be part of a forthcoming compilation called ‘The Aftermath’ and I have a solo 12 ‘White Owl’ forthcoming early 2013.

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