Hervé interview


Hervé speaks about his new release on Love & Other.

DB: Hervé hello! Great to meet you, how has the summer been?

H: Very good, very hot in my studio! Been working in a ton of new projects, working on Hervé with a new ep on Skint coming, doing tracks as The Count with KC Lights, producing the band Closer and various other secret bits!

DB: I love sound of ‘You Give Me Something’… I’m transported back a few decades but not in a retro, backward-looking way… it just has the great energy.

H: Thanks! That’s what hoped to achieve with it as try not to be retro at all with Hervé stuff.

Yeah it’s always been a highlight the few times I’ve played out. I’m actually mostly in the studio so haven’t been on the road much but that is all about to change.

DB: I love the vocalist, she’s key, how did it work to blend the vocal with the track?

H: Like most sessions the track was already there… it was just a matter of writing something together that fit it. Think it really is a great vocal performance.

DB: Where do you actually produce if may ask? What’s your setup like?

H: I have a studio space in London, walk the 1.5 miles to work from home, nice bit of exercise.

Yeah it’s pretty straightforward: monitors, massive iMac boot-camped for windows and my SSL desk.

I mostly work five days a week all year round so just get in and start. On the days I’m not into it go take pictures or work on my script writing skills.

DB: Tell more?

H: Currently working on a short film with my very talented photographer brother who will do the soundtrack with me also.

DB: The Jay Robinson remix is wicked, love the energy to this, it’s pretty insidious…

H: Jay has been around the cheap thrills set up for years under a previous name.

I wanted to help give him exposure so he did the remix, a really great job think. He also did one of my collab with Zebra Katz which is a favourite of Todd Edwards I’m told!

We did a great track together on my Doughnuts ep released earlier this year too.


DB: What parts of the UK do you enjoy playing… in terms of vibe, PA etc.

H: London like all the usual suspects Xoyo, ministry, Fabric really liked Sub club when I’ve played there.

DB: What’s up next for you on the release front?

H: New Hervé ep on Skint as mentioned, ‘You Give Me Something remixes and looks like a big Australian label will be re-releasing original too; the count and KC lights ‘Down’ is just out, working on a follow up as well as producing a new kid called Josh with KC, just working on the first EP. And lastly my new album, which is full of surprises.

You Give Me Something

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