Gyu ‘Supreme Being’ interview, October

Gyu‘s Supreme Being ep is out on Drawn so caught up.

DB: Hi, what’s a tune off the ep you’d like to talk us through?

G: One tune I’m pretty happy with is ‘Brother’. What is satisfying for me about the tune is the melodic content, there’s the pad and then the synth chord stabs as the base. Then a simple organ arpeggio thing and then a lead line, which I’m really happy with. It takes the tune to a place I like. Not sure how to describe it but I get a similar feeling from the middle of ‘No Quarter’ by Led Zeppelin.

DB: Where are you based, for people new to you?

G: For the last three and a half years I’ve been based in Moscow.

DB: What artists are on same wavelength as you, do you feel?

G: I guess my contemporaries are a mixture of people I actually know who are on a similar wavelength like Joby, Phaeleh, Sclist and Wascal and people whose music I hear and I really relate to it, I almost feel like I could have made it, like Second Line, Psychonaught, Original Face or Seiji.

DB: When you play live, what sort of things are finding their way into the set?

G: A variety of things have been finding their way into my sets lately. I’m into some of the slow house music around at the moment. ‘Pill Collins’ by Trickski is particularly immense. Also love stuff by Om unit at this kind of tempo and some stuff by Behling and Simpson. I like Julio Bashmore’s stripped-down take on things and some stuff by Spirit Catcher. My big musical crush this year has been on Maya Jane Coles, just love her music so much. The beats are so infectious and there’s great melodic content.

On a more broken vibe I’ve been really feeling Seiji and Second Line.

DB: Aside from music, what about books, films and so on?

G: What’s just got under my skin in a major way is ‘Survival in the Killing Fields’ by Haing Ngor. It’s written really well, simple but really hard to put down. If you want to understand what life was like under the Khmer Rouge then you should definitely read it, but be warned it is absolutely harrowing.

One of my absolutely favourite books is ‘Cloud Atlas’, by David Mitchell. It’s an epic tale made up of 6 short stories which are interrupted in the middle and then continued later. It sounds really pretentious but it’s amazing.

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