Guangzhou Underground interview


I spoke to Guangzhou Underground about their work, and they kindly sent us some pics too.

DB: Could tell us about the scene there?

GU: Although Guangzhou is China’s third largest city, it still has a lot of catching up to do with Beijing and Shanghai for underground dance music.

There’s us and a couple of other local crews putting on parties here but it’s still far from being a regular stopover for international names.

That will hopefully begin to change; we’re bringing Om Unit here in April, which we’re very excited about.


DB: Now what’s the view overall: a mix of different approaches and styles?

GU: Yeah definitely: eclecticism is at the heart of what we do, both as a label and with our parties. I love the idea of cross-genre remixes, such as house producers taking on D&B and vice versa.

That approach has led to amazing results for example Tim Reaper turning an Alex Agore garage track in a storming jungle tune.

DB: What sort of names we got here, and what styles?

GU: The Guangzhou Underground DJs are Bass Panda, Failed State and me, Simon B.

We draw on a pretty wide variety of genres and from the last few decades of dance music. House, techno, bass music, hip hop, disco, reggae, cutting-edge stuff as well as classic tunes… it all goes in the mix.

We have a lot of fun when we play.

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DB: Does it go down well live then?

GU: We’re doing OK, I’m pleased to say – each of our monthly parties at Hangover here in Guangzhou has managed to top the last one for sheer vibes. Check the photos for evidence!


As far as the label goes, we’ve been blessed to work with revered deep house producers like Alex Agore, Lady Blacktronika and Chocky, up-and-coming D&B guys such as Future Ghost and Tim Reaper, and Bass Music all-rounders like BSN Posse and Abstract Now.

We have forthcoming releases from two really talented new artists, Zenwan and Kaison, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the reaction is to those.

DB: What’s some tracks over time that inspire?

Bass Panda
Culprate ‘Eddys’
DJ Yellow Claw ‘DJ Turn It Up’
K-Theory ‘UBS’ (2013 VIP Mix)
Justin Martin ‘Don’t Go’
MIA ‘Paper Planes’ (Calculon Remix)

Failed State
LV & Joshua Idaheen ‘Run Down’
Special Forces ‘Something Else (Bleeps Tune)’
Blawan ‘What You Do With What You Have’
DJ Abstract ‘Touch’
UGK ‘Stop N Go’

Simon B
Ricardo Villalobos ‘Dexter ‘(2 Lone Swordsmen Remix)
Mala ‘Calle F’
Cyba Space ft Shanie ‘You’re Going To Miss My Face’
(Dillinja Remix)
Roy Davis Jr & Peven Everett ‘Gabriel’
Seven Grand Housing Authority ‘Love’s Got Me High’


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