Ghosty interview

Ghosty spoke to us about the work he’s done for Stormin (featuring MC Neat), the dubstep version above.

Please tell us when the tunes arose?

‘Bad Bassline’ was made last year, and the remixes were out on February the 26th.

Who has been giving them support?

We’ve had amazing feedback and support for the promo’s from MJ Cole, Caspa Dub Police, DJ Mag Italy to name a few.

Where would we hear the sound being played out?

Aside from the usual places, I’m really looking forward to hearing these tracks loud during a couple of gigs in Serbia next month.

What tunes of the genre have stood the test of time and are still sounding great in the sets?

I think Menta Records still sound great and have stood the test of time well, I’m not bored of them yet anyway…

Who are some inspirations and guiding lights and what have they taught you?

I always found John Peel a huge inspiration. Obviously he was a DJ and not a producer, but I liked how he was never bothered by genre, always stuck to his guns and was genuine.

Bad Bassline [feat. MC Neat]
Rhythm Rollers Limited

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