Getter interview February 2013

As ‘I Want More’ drops, it was time to speak again to the Getter.

DB: How’s it been?

Getter: Aw man it’s been GREAT! Ever since my first Firepower records release, shit has been nothing but upwards. And the tour was ridiculous. Got so many connections, collabs, and new shit all because of Firepower.

DB: I note some collabs on the album, people like The Frim too, so how did the others come to be involved? Do you physically work in the same studio together?

G: Well, Datsik and I have been working on a few tracks here and there during the tour, and The Frim came in while we were working on one, and had an idea for the intro, drums, and a breakdown part, so we made it a 3-way collab! There is another tune I did on the album with my homie Slosh called ‘Crack That’. It was the first legit tune him and I have ever finished. We got it going a few months back and slowly turned it into what we wanted.

DB: On the topic of tunes could you talk us through some more material?

G: There is the title track ‘I Want More’ on the album, which was a super random tune that I made in a few days. I never really explored 110bpm too much, so I made some new drums and went for it. Luckily had some samples I pulled from some stuff from a few weeks before to work with!

DB: Is this Firepower business as crazy as we hear stories about?

G: Well at this point with Firepower, it’s still relatively new, but people know what we are about. So when the Firepower crew comes to your town, you don’t know what to expect because there are so many different styles and genres being signed. So at our shows the crowd energy is amazing because they don’t really know what to expect.

And YES everything you’ve heard about the touring is true. 24/7 party, and just amazing memories.

DB: So what goes down well with the crowds?

G: I feel like there are different crowds in every city. Some places, you’ll play and they will be there for all the trap, others are there for the gnarly filth, some are there for the classic Datsik tracks, others are there for STRICTLY bass and don’t care who’s playing.

DB: Ha ha!

G: Also, because of how unique our crew has become, a bunch of different crowds show up and party together, which is always dope.

DB: And what are 3 tunes you’d say always do the business live?

G: Hmmmm, I know Snarebox ‘Bounce’ gets the crowd going every time. Also Trampa ‘Jurassic’ just comes out of nowhere in my sets and slays the crowd. But I think, as of right now, the fattest tune in my set that makes people explode, would have to be 12Gauge ‘Ceiling’.

DB: So… in the UK? You? Playing soon?

G: I hope so man! I constantly get messages from my fans in the UK and Europe asking me to play there, but no one has booked me yet! Hopefully sometime in 2013 I’lll be going across seas to party with yall! So be prepared to get wild!


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