GENR8 interview

DB: What made you create THIS phase of D&B? How has your past come together to arrive at this?

G: I guess it’s just my individual take on the sound we all have grown to love. Over the years I’ve listened and been inspired by many different types of music, it’s been helpful in creating my own interpretation of all the different dimensions of d&b

DB: Is it the case where you may be out somewhere at a D&B night and think ‘I can hear something happening right HERE’ and go and produce that track right then?

G: I do take notice when I listen to other music besides my own. Sometimes finding things in it I would do differently, sometimes dissecting what’s actually going on behind the wall of sound.

DB: That is a wonderful point, the wall of sound, music filtered through loud PA and audience.

G: It’s hard to go in the studio right after going to a loud event. It kind of throws my bearings off but vibe-wise it does help to have that ‘smashing’ sound fresh in your head. Most of my inspiration comes either early in the morning after working on something the night before or after having a good producer or engineer conversation or watching a dope movie that inspires me

DB: I suppose I am thinking that the name GENR8 gives an impression of immediacy, of fire behind the scenes. Is that the case, what you want to put out there?

G: It’s more after the act of creating or converting to something useful. It’s energetic and a verb so there is a sense of being a catalyst for positive action

DB: What are your fave influences in D&B?

G: Kemal, Bad Company, Usual Suspects, Stakka & Skynet, Ed Rush & Optical, Gridlok, BBoy 3000, Ganja Kru, Congo Natty, Roni Size, DJ Die, Krust, more. Currently Noisia, Culprate, NC-17, Dub Phizix, Mikal and Gridlok come to mind.

DB: In whose sets will we hear you? Who are allies in the field?

G: Skream & Benga are currently repping a tune off my ‘Now The Future’ debut ep called ‘Seductress’, Craze is rinsing another one off the same ep titled ‘Our Way’. Other supporters of my current tunes are people like AK1200, UFO, Skynet, Gridlok, Prolix and NC-17.

DB: Where do you play?

G: For example, this last Friday I played a party in downtown Los Angeles called LA Beatdown and I have a few other up coming events in town and will be available for out of town gigs in the next few months. I tour the US.

DB: What music is killing you?

G: There’s so much good music going around at the moment, it’s really hard to point any one tune out. I appreciate the fact that almost every subgenre of D&B is being repped by the people who believe in it.

There is no room for posers in an industry that is finally starting to understand the importance of having quality over ‘hype’: quality is timeless, hype is temporary.

When djing, I try to keep things fresh with an ongoing mix of ‘work in progress’ dubplates along with tried and true bangers.

DB: If you could be fly on the wall for any studio session in history, which?

G: At the risk of sounding clich√© I’m gonna say Noisia. I would like to see how they are able to keep the consistency of their productions so high while still manifesting different creative directions. Also being that it’s 3 heads I’d like to see how they co-operate and combine their separate ideas to merge one solid message in a tune.

DB: Must be like sonic trench warfare in that studio. Thanks.

‘Now The Future’ ep is out NOW.

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